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Fort collins natty, dec 31st

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Elans coming down. I'm guessing that would be all. ~11am.
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woot. ya, this'll be plenty fun
where? i dont know if i have anything going on with family but if i can make it up there i would like to ride bikes and sthuff
As if you have to ask!!! The tooth! Kind of lat now....what the fuck were u doing up at 3:40 am!

edit: ok this shows up 2 hours later than when I posted it, only 1:40 you are excused...I think I was still awak then too, fuck I missed your post :(

If you want to try and find us, we will be up the horsetooth- you know that place you have in COtrials3, we would never ride there so keep going north until you see my jetta in a parking lot (its a construction lot) and whatever elan is driving. It will be on the left side. Get out of your car and go west, look down the cliff and you will see us.
i dominated this ride....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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