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Forks.......Colorado riders...

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What's up guys? Fork finally snapped in the usual place, right above my disc caliper mounts, luckily I wasn't hurt, but it was a clean break....looks pretty funny..............anyway, what do you guys think of the Echo urban forks? Are they holding up? I love front wheel gaps, and am on a seemingly endless mission to learn slaps (so I smack very hard some times, usually unsuccessfully.)
What about the Brisa fork? worth the chips? Seems like a butt load of money for a fork.............holla back. Seth.
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I just know that they look really gay, no one around here has had one for a serious amount of time...I don't think you really want a brisa, unless you enjoy things snapping- which is a fucking GUARANTEE. If you are really concerned, get a planet x super light. I doubt you could damage that, and I think you would be allright with the urban as well.
the new brisa with teh steel steerer is probably a much safer bet. i have one of the alloy steerer ones but i wont dare use it outside of comp season. the brisa dropout/diskmount is a lot better than most forks so if you are affraid of that zone failing again the brisa will get you some comfort there (though it will be a bastard to get an adaptor on there- much grinding/sawing).

i have been pretty happy with my px "superlight". it isnt all that light but it is fairly stiff and i dont have any doubts that i will mess myself up before i even phase the fork. its cheap too. its also butt-fugly but o well on that too.

the echo urban fork is much nicer than i thought it would be... no clue on long term durability though.
Like kevin said no clue on long term durabilty but im pretty big (over 200 lbs) and im not veyr smooth and i love mine stiff and honestly alot beefier than i thought but all and all i think the urban was a good purchase for me
Ill have my superlight in before long Seth, check it out then if youd like.
I've got an urban but I am very leary of the disc tabs which have not yet come into use.They are spindly little tabs .Fork feels good .
Stick with
the PX, the only good thing they have made.
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