For Sale: 2008 Sherco 250

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  1. I recently upgraded to a 2013 sherco 290 so this bike is for sale
    Located In Jimboomba QLD


    Stuff Done/Spares

    2009 Model Sticker Kit
    Leoneli Wrist Lanyard Kill Switch (Plus Original)
    Blue YooMee Snail Cams
    Blue Talon Radialite (Plus Original)
    Blue Jitsie Master Cylinder Cover (Plus Original)
    Blue S3 Digit Levers (Plus Original)
    Mapping Switch Relocated To Radiator Hose
    Serviced About 2 Months Ago
    Rear Tyre (6 Months old)
    Front Brake Complete Rebuild (Done 6 Months Ago)
    Linkage Bushes/Bearings (Done 6 Months Ago)
    Spare Rear Guard
    Spare Air Filter
    Spare Pair Of Front Pads

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