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Hey guys!

I have here for sale a Hoffman Strowler flatland BMX frame. 18.75" toptube size, Bee Yellow! Impossible to get a hold of these days in stores, and the strongest flatland frame. Designed by Kevin Jones! Perfect for the beginner, intermediate, and expert rider. Especially good for street riders looking to get into flatland, it will take the abuse of street riding and shrug off the knocks better than most of your modern street frames too. Weight is very well proportioned on this frame and will aid learning and improving. A true treat to ride.

Condition: New, No scratches, built up once to ride a small handful of times.. learning peg wheelies and steamrollers. It looks like it came out of the box. I even cut up bits of electrical insulation tape to cover up the holes on the frame to prevent any moisture or dust getting into the tubes.. talk about babying the frame? You won't get a better condition frame unless you went to a store and handpicked the freshest of the batch!

Selling it as part of a bundle, a framekit:
-Strowler frame
-Odyssey Bar Mitzvah flatland bar
-G-Sport pleg MK2s
-KHE/Haro plastic pedals
-Profile Flatland cranks 150mm
-Profile 18t sprocket
-Profile Hollow spindle
-Eclat CNC Mid BB with higher quality bearings
-KHE Watanabe seat
-Odyssey Intac seatpost

^All the following parts are new, just like the frame. No scratches, no rust, no frills, no nonsense. If you're not satisfied, I'll even offer you a refund service, I'm that confident of how fresh and new this bike is! The only part of the bunch that has a scratch is the Watanabe seat, which itself is plastic and has a few tiny scuffs on the corners of the backend. Nothing you wouldn't do yourself within the first ride. Everything is tiptop, new condition, as if you just ordered it from an online store. That's a promise.

If you bought all these parts separately online, it'd cost you around 700 pounds. That's about what I paid.

I'll let it go for 500 400 300 pounds only with FREE UK Postage Royal Mail Special Delivery recorded and insured.

All you need to do is put your front end on it, and your rear wheel, and you're good to go. Perfect for anyone getting into flat from street!

Any more info? Ask me in this topic or PM me. I'm fast with replies.

Grab this bargain while you can!


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Will I get a second one free, I just pay the shipping and handling? Three easy payments of $99.95?
This isn't an infomercial, you don't need to throw a whole sales pitch at anyone...

Good luck on the sale, but I highly doubt you'll get your buyer on here.

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This is my dream bike lol...

hey guy..!
i really..really want buy this bike i mean same like this 1. Anyway i want to say sorry and i feel ashamed coz my english is weak lol..funny
i am from Malaysia, do u still have this bike? If i interested and i want buy this bike howmuch the Prize? including the Shipping cost and anything cost to post to the Malaysia. Anyway better u inform me more details on this bicyle if i keen to buy to my email [email protected]

Thanks you above mister treatment :x:
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