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First Colorado Springs video....

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Since I finally got editing software, it was time to put the first ever Southern Colorado trials video together. We filmed this over only 3 rides, so if there is another video in the future there should be some sicker stuff in it, but for now this is what I had on my camera. Also, this is the first real editing I've ever done, so critique the hell out of it, please.

Anyway, enjoy... let me know what you think.

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ahh damn. i am in school..i will DL when i get home.. colorado is cranking out some fookin media. hardcoer
nice vid pancho! good riding from everyone! that picnic table to bench gap was really nice, big hops from mike as always and josh's sketch mode brakes... haha! well done! cant wait for you guys to make another one.

by the way are those rocks the g-spot i heard about? or was that the moto park?
I'm looking forward to seeing how bad I look on film.Too bad your macpoo
stle wont zippyzap to my computater.
Kevin, those we're just some rocks behind an elementary school. We have a TON of riding down here. There are probably 10 or 15 spots of that caliber or better within 15 minutes of downtown.

DivX is actually a mostly PC format unless I'm mistaken, you shouldn't have any problem with it just because you have PC.
haha, i liked the message at the end.
pretty good riding. at the begginning of the vid, if you look at mike's tire pressure it's nearly flat when he's riding the bike...wow, but then it gets better later on. surprised your rim sliped even with tar (jaw drops). some pretty big moves, like the gap from picnic table. i really liked the playground trials, cool shiz. hope to see more!
Not working on my PC either with windows media player 9
Nice vid guys- good to see your getting better :)
This was us at about 80% capability I'd say, perhaps I should have taken more time and gotten better footage, but I really wanted to hear what you guys thought about the editing since that is a whole new thing to me. So tell me more about that, please, I want to know what to change for next time around.

The rock that Mike sidehoped up the side of was absolutly insane. Camera does it no justice. This rock was probably about 6 to 8 feet and about a 5.6 if it were to be rated on the climbing scale! I challenge any rider in this state to get that line within three tries.

This isn't a windows media format video, you need a divX player. The funny thing is, it was impossible to find a good DivX player because they were all PC based! Anyone know of a good divx player? quicktime seems to work fine for me now...

My export options are .MOV, . AVI (non divX), .AVI (divX), .AIFF, and Mpeg4. I chose what RAV had been using for his videos since they all seemed high quality. Any other suggestions? This is all new to me.
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Editing: seems normal, nothing blew me away. The music skips alot, sounds like a horrendous recording or something. And I dunno about that sidehop line...sounds like you just want people to actually come down there :)
Hmm, I wonder why the sound was so messed up? Now that I listen to exported version it is pretty crappy. Something to work on for next time.
music was pretty shady. liked teh riding though. cant wait for the next.
wait a second, maybe im real slow, but around 300 minutes it says: WHAT!? and mike is jumpin around. well, the bike moves all by itself? im confused. im prety sure he doesn't touch it at all, yet it hops too.
Backward motion (not sure if its the correct term).
Thats a bail but the vid starts on the end of the bail and then go back.
oh, i see now hahahahaha. if it's a bail why is he happy? maybe he's trying that reverse psycology type of thing?
no, that was him celebrating after getting the side hop rock
on his 20th try. He drops the bike and starts dancing.

I have a streak going of posting images of him being retarded everytime I put media on the web, so I had to continue.

and yes, it is in reverse.
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