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Finally took some pics....not the greatest pics, but eh, it works....

Here's my specs:
Megamo Radical
Megamo Fork
Cane Creek ZS6 Zero Stack headset
Echo Stem
Monty 235g 29" Bar
Grab-On Foam Grips
Front Mavic X223 disc wheel on Deore disc hub
Rear Alex DX32 wheel on Hugi hub (Red King Classic on it's way)
Front Michelin Wildgripper 2.1 tire
Rear Michelin Comp24.1 2.5 tire
Front Magura Louise with 203mm rotor
Rear Magura HS33 with Plazmatic Spanish Fly Pads
Bonz Cranks
Blackspire Chunk Steel 22t ring
Shimano Xt BB-un52 Square taper BB
Odyssey Triple Trap Pedals
KMC Narrow Z chain(lol, dunno the model, it has a Z in the middle and says narrow)
XTR 7-speed cassette
Sunrace 7-Speed shifter
Sunrace 591 rear Derailleur
XTR cables

LMK what you all think how I did....this' my 1st trials bike and 1st trials build...didn't buy it complete.....

*edit** got it weighed...23.8 LBS :werd:

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It cost me around $1200 to build after everything was said and done. 2-day shipping of the bike, with overnight shipping of some parts, brake bleeding, labor to redish rear rim, buying all those damn un-needed rotors and a Julie that is now not getting used....LOL, that DOESN'T count the fact I bought two cranks, boosters, 4-bolt hardware.

The fact that Tim gave me a free DX32 rear wheel, booster, 4-bolt hardware and Louise brake helped me actually get it on the road and with a cheaper price...

So I think I did good......been riding it ALOT actually. My parents and sister wonder how the hell I can have fun on it and never leave my driveway.... :bigthumb: Ahh...learning pivoting is great.....

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looks nice man.

the bars, rotate them forward more. like the normal flat bars, these are pretty much meant to be used with the sweep close to vertical not horizontal. it will put less strain on your wrists when youre on the back wheel, and it will make the bike easeir to control and move around. play around with the angle. vertical is better.

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Sonic said:
Nice bike, have yet to ride a Megamo yet, wonder how they feel. Im sure theyre not new to anyone else, but Ive never seen riser bars by Monty before, pretty stiff?

Oh, and nice cranks! :p

Come on sonic you should know I've run every part in existence.


Look at the bars

Needless to say they sit in my parts closet atm.

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Actually it's not...LOL, I thought the same thing cause of the way the spokes move/point, but the Grimeca arrow says it rolls that way.....odd.....

Yeah, wrists are kinda :ugh: :greddy: and I'm trying find a sweetspot on them, cause I DID have them almost vertical, but it seemed really, awkward....maybe it's just something I need to get used to cause the whole bike felt awkward when I hopped on it.

I'm curious about something though...you think I should get a riser stem? I mean, the front lifts pretty easy, but I'm curious as to how it'd feel with a riser.....I'de lean more foreward, so I dunno how it'd affect the whole picture of things....
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