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Fat kid on a diving board :rofl:

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I try not the laugh at the expense of othe... bah, who am I kidding? This is pretty damn funny :D

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Wow that had to hurt. :eek:wned: by a diving board.
average mike said:
Wow that had to hurt. :eek:wned: by a diving board.
more like :eek:wned: by his own stupidity. Stop being a jackass and just spring once before diving and he woulda been all right :p
*sets video on repeat*
that was me , i was in FFDT for 5 years.
For those of you that never heard of FFDT, it means
Fat Fuck Diving Team. I would dive all day with my "friends"
then we would goto the beach and rub sand on each others
assy nipples and step on pissclams till the moon came up. I miss
my friends alot, but now im dating this really hot Brittany Spears
look-a-like so im very happy now.
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