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ever seen a cog do this??

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I guess I was too hasty to blame the hub for last nights crash...

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Looks like ultegra?
yeah it was an ultegra. I guess a new cassette or mabye just a king cog is in order. I will just assemble a makeshift cassette from my other cogs just to last for a while.
yea i had that happen to my sram 9.0 cassette. the 18t cog just sheared right off the "composite" carrier. i thought my king was acting up on me, but it was just the cassette. got it warrantied, sold it, and bought an lx that i made into a 5 speed one.
Did you warranty it through a bike shop? I should be able to find all of the gears for it in my tool box somewhere. For the replacement I will probably get a Shimano105 road cassette where the 5 gears are joined together.
I did the same thing to my DA cassette.Problem being there is not enough alum around the rivet.I still use a DA cassette.However the different tooth combos have different designs for the carrier arms.The pictured is a two
cog carrier .The 3 cog has a deeper more reinforced riveting.
Hope yer OK!
why not just use some cheap old steel cog as your drive cog? what's this roadie stuff? carrier? definatley not "made" for trials........
Well I have an alum cassette shell on my CK so having a one peice cog would just cut it up. Since the carrier is wide it doesn't cut into the shell as bad. I will probably switch to shimano105 as the first 5cogs are joined together... as far as roadie stuff goes. It seems that a lot of people use it... So its not just me :eek3:
I usually pick up roadie crap like that blem at my shop.No other reason to run a Record carbon rear deraileur is there?We don't sell 105 cause its junk!
Seen that too many times, hehe.

Alloy carrier + trials = death.
I am going to go to one gear, what is everyones suggestion on what I should do?, I have a CK rear hub so...
my ultegra did this as well, I just replaced it with a king kog and surly singleator in the "tucked under" position - it's out of the way, neat, troublefree and light. works good. I'm using a 20/17 ratio at the moment and it's all good. And I can (and do) use a BMX chain as well...

- Joel
skibumintrialsfreak said:
I am going to go to one gear, what is everyones suggestion on what I should do?, I have a CK rear hub so...
ACS or White Bros freewheel. :cool:
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