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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by DaneBrammage, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. DaneBrammage

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    Depending on your environment dear newbies, and who else there is besides yourself riding trials in your area, you might piss and moan and get disgusted about how frustrating it is to get a handle on many moves. If you are twisting in the wind on your own, like me, its very easy to get down on yourself and your rate of progress.

    I wanted to make a post to say that if you stick with it and keep your mind strong in the face of such situations that trials WILL pay off for you, no matter how long it stinking takes you. The feeling and chemical release in your body when you start the advanced learning phase is very very rewarding and its worth your effort and sore muscles. Its taken me almost a year to pedalkick, for example. If I had friends to ride with and a willing teacher I could have done it in half the time. No question.

    But you know what? I learned pedalkicking totally on my own and that has its own rewards. One reward is that I'm the only one in my town who can do it (!) so obviously the jaws drop right to the floor when people see me lurch around or off something. Skaters around here practically want my autograph and grommie bmx'ers shit their pants when I let them pedal my bike around a bit. Maybe it will be the same for you when you get your techniques sorted out. I'm sure it will.
    Keep working at it-- STEP by STEP.

    Closing Advice:

    when learning to do a trials skill it *might* help if you daydream about something you would rather be doing right then, but obviously it has to be a really powerful and meaningful daydream. If you are old enough (?) I'd suggest a sexual daydream. Let a woman/women hog all the limelight of your daydreams and sometimes the trials learning takes care of itself. But remember- trials is one step at a time (unlike those daydreams.)

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  2. oicdn

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    Heh...I learned how to pedal kick myself aswell. Also, I'm the only person who rides trials in my town as well, so when people see it, they're like "WTF?"

    It definitly is rewarding to learn stuff....and take a small break, then come back and find all you needed was a days rest...I'm definitly moving right along, but I wish there were people around that also rode, it'd help push me a little harder, but what can ya do? Move to Colorado, LOL!

  3. epock7

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    I'm gonna dream of sweet sweet love while falling off of picnic tables now.
  4. B1105

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    I sucked ass before Colorado, now I'm halfway decent.
  5. Ross

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    Do you live in Colorado now Byron?
  6. AndyT

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    no he just touched the butt of our south end.
  7. Cole

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    That's the dumbest advice I've ever heard in my entire life.
  8. senorplinka

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    I suck at trials, I get over it, try some new stuff and get less sucky.
  9. will4eva7k

    will4eva7k TrialsDEN.com

    watch trial vids

    i completely learnt how to ride trials from scratch by watchin a few vids, then getting on my bike and try copy/figure out how to do the moves

    i daydream a fair bit, it works till your mind floats off to something else =p
  10. Jos

    Jos I'd hit it!

    I don't even ride trials guys...
    If i can hold a wheelie on one of my bikes or hold a brake lurch, that makes me happy.

    I really don't have any idea what i'm doing riding XC still.
  11. ascentrek

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    I am lucky that I can ride with all types of riders in colorado. However, it does get old when you see others riding at levels 10 fold beyond what you do. I watch their technique, watch videos, and enlist their help. I study the vid's at slow motion and figure out all the necessary body positions possible for every move. I shot my own videos now to compare and see where I'm off compared to those like Kevin, TRA, or others.

    Theo Takeda worked with me during the first 'group' ride I ever did. I will never forget the words "its all in the timing".
  12. TTownJon

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    Yeah, theo is the reason that I can now gap to front wheel. Colorado group rides are one of the best ways to improve.
  13. valiumlaw

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    I know EXACTLY what you mean. Sometimes when trying side-hops thats higher than my personal heighest reachable sidehop height and i keep failing them over and over i get into a bad routine and holy shit loads of negative thoughts fill my mind, then i think of something that im remotely looking forward to that night and it really helps throw out some of that negative energy. I find it only works temporary, so re-dreaming that day dream over and over is necessary, but your right, its a perfectly good way of digging yourself out of a mental rut.

  14. netto

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    hehe i improve by continuously doing a move till i get it
    then i dun stop till i can do it 10 times in a row
    thats how i learned to tap and sidehop!
    it gave me lotsa bruises...
    when i 1st got my stock i rode from 11 till 6 doing nothing but taps on the same wall