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Ellsworth Specialist Trials version.

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ANybody here ridden a Specialist trials version?

Weight: 4
Standover: 22.5 in
TT length: 21.75 in
Chainstays: 15.75 in
BB Height: 12.25 in
BB Width: 73mm
Wheelbase: 40.4 in (1026mm)
Seat Tube angle: 74 degrees
Headtube Angle: 72.5 degrees

Looks like OK geometry. Lifetime and crash replacement warranty.....

I have the option of being able to get one at a pretty decent price new. Might build it up to be my "streety" trials rig. But have no clue as to how it really feels. I've SEEN the non-trials version, and it's PIMP, but I didn't ride it, so I don't really have any idea of how it feels. Better option than a Zebdi? I'm thinkin warranty and bling factor alone are worth it, but I'm not too sure if it's worth the dough.....

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I don't know about the trials version, but the non-trials version is probably the sweetest street frame ever. It rides awesome and it looks awesome. My teammate, Nate Booster, is absolute butter on it. It definitely rides like crap for any kind of trials.
its not so much a good trials bike if you want to ride trials only. the specialist is more like the norco frames. they are better suited to trialsy-street or streety-trials than they are for pure trials only. for more dedicated trials i would recomend two zebdis over the next few years than one specialist now. if you want more of a do-all type of frame though the specialist is a great option.
Thats kind of funny. The Specialist is a do-all frame. :?
its kinda funny, those pieces of shit cost more than a fucking coustellier. almost as much as a XTP..whoever buys one for trials is stupid.

although i am a notorious "naysayer"

only stock bike I can compare it to is my Cresent. Thats the only other Stock I have been on for any time. Mine is set up as a light trail/trials/urban. Its the trials size with a 24t up front 8speed 11-30 (?)
on the rear. suspension fork adjusts from 70-120mm (I think). Also run maggies and a full size seat post. It is a really fun bike that rails the corners on the trail, bunnyhops really well, and pretty nice on the rear. If your like me, and want to ride trails, do drops, as well as pulling off some trials moves its sweet. Yeah, Its not a xc racer, or a great hardtail freerider, not a comp trials bike (as mine is set up) kinda ironic that its called a "specialist"

I like mine very much the way it is set up .
I got a deal on mine, but not sure I would pay full retail for it. expensive, but a thing of beauty, welds, paint, etc....any questions feel free to contact me.
good luck with whatever you decide.. this is the only pic I have right how..you can kinda see the bike

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elan- they dropped retail down a signicant bit on these frames for this product year. they were stupdily expensive before. now they are just plain expensive.
i have heard of an ellsworth specialist splitting symetrically down the middle, was only a few weeks ago that it happend to one dude down here in australia

Looking at the Megamo that you just bought, it is not a comp specific type of geometery.It does have a seatpost and things like that. It would seem to me that if you were a very good rider that it would be easy to adapt to changing bikes all the time. I have just started out and find that when I switch from my Zebdi to my Chameleon that it takes a while to adapt. If it were me I would just put a seat that you could actually sit on on the bike you have with a quick release seat binder.Down for trials and up for riding around.That is what I am trying to do.I also do not have a comp type of a bike because I mainly ride urban trails and am just starting out.I probably do not have anywhere near enough time right now to get good enogh to go to comps so I just play around.
blasphemy- go to comps! it doesnt matter how "good" you are when it comes to comps. even if you have been riding for a very short period of time- thats what the beginner class is for! get out to some comps if you have the chance to- it will give you a chance to meet and learn from tons of different people with tons of various styles, skill levels, and backgrounds. comps will expand your horizens like nothing else. do them.
That "seat post" is just there. There is no room for a clamp. If you look at the seat post hole, it's there and like LIERALLY 1/2-1/2 and inch away is the weld. There is no room for a seat clamp, hence the reason I haven't done a seat yet.

you could PROBABLY just buy a seat, post and clamp, and just put the clamp on the seat post so when you sit on it, it can't go any farther down, but nothing is stopping it from twisting around. But that's PROBABLY not a good idea, LOL.

I would goto comps, but there are none around me, I don't think..... I kno there are ASSTONS of BMX races and dirt races, but not sure. LOL, the only reason I know there are BMX races around here is my friend does it...should be pro this year if he doesn't break his wrist again.
Ellsworth are also a joy to work with on warranty issues "SARCASM IMPLIED"

Frame is poo
Local here has been riding specialist trials versions for a couple of years now. they feel pretty nice. They are also reasonable weight. Its not a frame for you if you like koxx, but then not everyone likes to sit on a koxx all the time.

He has broken 2 frames, both in the same spot, both times he had a new frame in like 5 business days after he broke it. He goes absolutely huge on these frames though, with skatepark, and huge bunnyhops and such.
Yeah...it's the reason I want one...huckability without the .243 weight that I had.

It's "trials" oriented geo's will make riding trialsy at the park a little, eh what's the word...... easier?

Hmm...it's still a toss-up of whatf rame to make my park/street rig and still being trials based....Norco TT or Evolve a better "smarter" choice?
For just urban hucking I love my Santa Cruz Chameleon. The wheelie and manual machine.
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