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    I just got the following in an email from a guy who runs an ES website. Also, I run an FTP server which contains *many* live ES shows. If any of you are interested in getting them, PM me and I'll set you up with a username and password when I upgrade my server.

    the email...
    thank you so much to elliott's family and felice for sharing with us
    information about the upcoming and anticapated release of 'from a
    basement on the hill.' 15 of elliott's final songs will be released
    on october 19th by the indie label, anti- records, whom have also
    released music by tom waits and nick cave.

    the album brings together songs that elliott worked on while on tour
    for the figure 8 tour in 2000 to the work he did in his own studio,
    new monkey, in 2003. with the help of rob schnapf and joanna bolme,
    who mixed the album, elliott's family, loved ones and friends over
    the years were able to finalize the album recently and here is the
    final tracklisting for the record:

    coast to coast
    let's get lost
    pretty (ugly before)
    don't go down
    strung out again
    fond farewell
    king's crossing
    ostriches & chirping
    a passing feeling
    last hour
    shooting star
    memory lane
    little one
    a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free

    elliott did play most of these songs live at one point of his career
    and pretty (ugly before) will be the same version as the 7" single
    that was released in 2003 by suicide squeeze. last hour though might
    be the fan named, make it over while the music/lyrics for ostriches
    & chirping and twilight might have never been heard in any form
    until now. the album also includes guest appearance by elliott's
    friends and loved ones. steven drodz and aaron sperske played drums
    and two unknown poetic men spoke on "coast to coast." elliott's tour
    mates on the figure 8 tour: sam coomes played bass and sang backup,
    scott mcpherson played drums, and aaron embry played keyboards
    on "pretty (ugly before)." finally, fritz michaud, whom elliott
    recorded with in 2003 at new monkey, played a drum track on "king's

    the artwork includes the nice tradition (except for xo) of having
    elliott's handwriting on the record and includes cut out type by
    autumn dewilde who also did artwork for figure 8. the cd booklet
    will also include photos by renaud monfourny, paul heartfield,
    dominic disaia and elliott's sister, ashley welch. please visit
    www.sweetadeline.net. as you can see as well, the album is now
    confirmed to be 'from a basement on the hill' and not 'songs from a
    basement on the hill.'

    hopefully as we come closer to the release of the record we will
    learn more about the record and the work elliott's friends and
    family did on it to bring it together and what the future has in
    store in elliott's memory. thank you to them. i can't imagine the
    sacrifice it took by everyone to release this record in elliott's
    memory. hopefully i can speak for a lot of people and say that we
    are so thankful that you all would share them with us and we will
    cherish them always. well, if we get anymore information about the
    release of the record including the promotion of it, we will try to
    post them asap. don't forget: october 19, 2004
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    but anyway, hopefully you will buy the album instead of this guy sending it to you.

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    I'll definitely buy it. but I have no idea what wtlw means. It seems that there were a few fans on this site and I thought people might be interested to find out when the album is coming.
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    just means welcome to last week, as in the news is old- don't worry about it, appreciate the added info.
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    someone is on the internet WAY to much to know what WTLW means

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    i'd say someone is on the internet way too little if they don't know what that means. I'm pretty sure I picked that term up around 1993 on like compuserve :hsugh: