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Echo Team Mod: 1033 0r 1003?

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I'm planning on picking up an Echo Team mod complete after Christmas and I'm wondering whether I should get the long(1033 wheelbase) or short(1003 wheelbase).

I ride mostly urban, I'm 5'7".

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Anyone know how a longer or shorter wheelbase will ride differently even?
Do you want to ride BIU or UCI style? The 1033 is probably the same length as the KOXX mod and the shorter one will be closer to the monty. Now pick your fav rider and get the length corresponding to his bike :)
Haha. Thanks for replying.

I think I'm going to go for the long because KOXX riders are UCI and so am I (only because I suck hardcore and bash moves).

RomanC said:
The 1033 is probably the same length as the KOXX mod
The Koxx long mod is 1035, so its not much of a diff. from the echo to the koxx. If you ride UCI style, go with the long, if you ride BIU, go with the medium.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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