Echo Team Long - measuing interest

Discussion in 'For Sale / Want to Buy' started by B1105, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. B1105

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    I got this bike back in August, but I decided that stock is really the way to go, and I've got a new frame coming in a few days, so hopefully I can sell this in the next few weeks.

    Echo Team Long frame(1033wb) - NO dents on downtube, general scratches on chainstays and such, but no dents cracks and whateverness
    Echo Mod Fork - disc and maggie 4 bolt mounts
    Magura HS33 rear with unreleased Plazmatic/Magura blue pads(super good and noisy)
    Magura Louise 6" up front
    White Industries Freewheel - only a few rides on it, 72 engagement points
    VP Cage Pedals
    Echo 158mm MOd cranks
    Echo Tires
    Echo bar/Echo mod Stem

    The bike is basically stock, except for the White Industries Freewheel

    Retails something like 999 plus 90 for the freewheel, and its in great shape

    Looking to get around $850 PLUS shipping(35bucks) - I wont actually sell it for 3 weeks or so, but if you have any questions or want pics, PM or email me at [email protected]
  2. aj2four0

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    wow, doctor t woulda bought this like 3 weeks ago.. now he has a stock also.

  3. Ed Gildea

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    Tim is releasing those pads, so no worrys ;)