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Echo pure frame

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I have a brand new echo pure frame that has never been ridden, I am thinking about selling it, but am not sure. Is anyone interested in buying it if I decide to sell it?
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Not for sale right now I have decided, I just got a hold of it and man this bike is sweet. For sale in a few months, after we get our ne Dean Ti frames :yum:
hey Josh,
when you get your new team frames, I would really like the chance to get your "pure"..........so I am getting in line for when it goes up for sale.
Thanks Seth.
I look forward to seeing these new dean ti frames. Finally figured out how to make chainstays shorter than 16"?
You are on Seth! I will sell it to you as soon as I get those new frames, depending on how good of shape it is in. I am not going to sell you a frame like my last one. I hope all is well down in Texas, ride on!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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