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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by LukeBTRaven, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. LukeBTRaven

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    Hey i have got an echo pure but dont know what the exact BB size is? i have burns on square taper and i want to know what size i can run to be comfortable i have been told 118 mm but surley i can run smaller than this any help would be greatly appreciated

    thanks luke.
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  2. echoteam13

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    there is no wayyou can run anything less than a 118 spindle. and even then, 118 can be pushin the envelope a bit. my bud is runnin a 118 shimano XT BB an he has to use a spacer to keep his bashring from rubbin on the yoke, but he has a black spire granny god whichis pretty big. maybe with a smaller bash, you won't have those problems.

    another issue that comes up with a small spindle is yo tend to have clearance issues with your shoes catchin on the rear break, which would be minimized with a longer spindle.

    overall, the 118 will work, but i suggest seeking something a bit bigger. try a try-all.

  3. Spacemunkee

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    i run a 118 on my zoo boa.. trust me go bigger ive had some bad bad bails doing gaps because my shoe has got caught under my magura cylinder .. + it really kills your ankles when you 180 off stuff. i think i have precisely less than 2 mm clearence between my yoke and chainring and i run middleburns square taper... UNFUN if thats a word