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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by seattletrials, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. seattletrials

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    Hey, I've been looking into buying a new used frame. there have been a couple used echo es2's for sale for like 150. I was wonder anyone has had any experience with them. are they good frames? how do they ride? would you recomend them? does anyone know of anyone who's trying to sell a better frame for around the same price? the reason why i'm replacing my frame is because it has 16.5" chainstays, and it is 5.5lbs. and i'm going to use that frame for my freeride frame like its supposed to be. anyways. if anyone has any info. please share. thanks
  2. Beeco

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    They are pretty nice frames if your small becuase they are quite short. Weigh around 4.2lbs, rear end is like 381mm so it's real easy on the backwheel. They aren't too good for big taps to rear as they are short.
    Most of them snapped on the driveside dropout weld after a while and they dint easily, not the strongest frame out there.

  3. B1105

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    Yea I heard all the early Echos were crap and broke super easily around the headtube. Cant say I used one, but I saw a few pics of the headtubes snapping off.
  4. Coramoor

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    hehe.. echo Easy Snap... The geo looks fun though. A litlle short for touch hops. Should be fantastic for urban stuff...
  5. Shipley

    Shipley ..........

    Stay away from the older Echos as they did have problems, but if you can get one super cheap in good shape grab it. Echo is really good about warranty on frame failure on the old frames and you'll likely get a newer Urban or Pure as replacement. Anything from 2003 on is a good bet which is the Urban/Pure. I've beat on my Urban, really, for about a year now with not a single problem. Lots of good deals out there though.. especially from the people on this forum. Juts keep your eyes open.