Does anyone know how hard it is....

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by austintrials, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. austintrials

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    Does anyone know how hard it is to go from a MOD trials to stock and stsay with stock?
    I have been riding mods for bout 5 yrs and have been thinking bout the stock family for along time but every time i get on one it's like i have this HUGE tire in the back that wont get up on what im trying to get it on.
    Just a question
  2. Slacker

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    going from mod to stock isnt too big of a challenge if you are familiar with riding other t ypes of bikes. i used to freeride, then i rode trials on a bigass p2, then i went to mod. now when i switch back to stock bikes and such its just a second nature, because i was familiar with them before. once you get used to riding the stock bike it will be easy to ride and youll probably have lots of fun on it. plus you can ride from place to place. using similar components helps a bit too...same width bars with the same feel on them, try to recreate your mod into stock. :)

  3. mikeschiavone

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    you just gotta stick to it. the more you keep riding your mod, the less you'll become accustomed to the stock.
  4. besham

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    do it!

    I just made the switch 6 months ago and I love it. I can go bigger than I ever could and roll over much more. The only problem Ive had is adjusting to the bash ring vs the bash plate. With 15" chain stays, it is almost impossible to get the ring on top of obsticals, you have to use the cranks and pedals. I might suggest going with front freewheel cranks for the smaller ring. It might be easier to adjust to. Get a stock but keep your mod!
  5. uownme

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    Are you going to arkansas, mccall bros? Get a stock, I think you guys will like them alot.
  6. Sonic

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    I know someone else is thinking it with me, but, dont use your bash. :)

    Scott, Jim, whoever is posting under this name today, come on over to 26", see what happened to Aaron when he did. :eek:

    Sorry, no real comments on the difficulty of switching, Ill leave now.
  7. digby

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    if youve never made the switch before, for a while probably the only thing you will notice is the huge ass wheels. It will seem like theyre constantly in your way because your used to smaller mod wheels.

    but the longer you ride it, the better it will feel and the less you will notice it. Now my stock feels like a mod to me, and mods feel like a kids tricycle.