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Do busts distract you from trials?

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I was wondering about trials mentality.. you know, 'the inner game of trials' 'the zen of trials' and all that shit. But I noticed that every time I see a great set of knockers it completely sends my psychic feeling mechanisms into other channels than whatever moves I have ambitions towards. Are fantastic hooters supposed to compliment the highly technical physical process of balance and weight shifting, as required by trials, or are they instead a rogue element of awareness designed to bend the entire universe in THEIR direction, constantly, for as long as we shall live? Either way (!) I'm not complaining, its just a curiosity to me that such a basic thing -far less complicated than even a trackstand- should arouse such distraction. Perhaps the latest discoveries in String Theory will shed some light on all of this. I'm going to the library to find out. Besides, theres a woman that works there with nice jugs.

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Bitch looks azn. And nasty.

I generally ride insanely well when hot girls are around.
I will try just about anything when other hot chicks are around.My hot chick discourages me from riding anthing but her! :dunno:
I know it was easy to use boobs as the example, (and hey, why not?) but the bigger point is how everything has to happen in the 'everything' context: you cant extricate trials from other areas of life and life itself without becoming a dreaded trials dork. Speaking of other areas of life, I hear that String Theory is postulated on the mathematical certitude of not just the 3 dimensions we are familiar with, but more like 11. Applied to trials, its goes something like this: we inhabit an infinite number of probable universes, and in some of them we are trials riders. Our accomplishment in trials, no matter what it is or will be in any conceivable future, already exists. We unknowingly navigate between probabilities that are already there. Everything already exists in all its forms. Follow? The ego is a navigation device between already existing futures. You can use such theory for trials, sure. Its all been proven mathematically.
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I just ride my bike... :dunno:
breast are great and there is nothing wrong with losen track of riden to check them out.
Actually, I was distracted by the busts in my physics class when we watched the String Theory video...

string theory... fuck that stuff... jeebus- 7 extra dimensions, infintely small crap, what like 9 types of strings? brian greene can have all of that shit he wants, i dont think i could ever understand that stuff.

as for on the topic, boobs are nice. but chicks dont find appealing. they are generally more of a distraction to us than we are to them.
string theory= bollocks

boobs= yummayy
You instinctively respond to breasts because you must pick the ones that best feed your offspring, where as riding a goofy metal contraption just keeps you busy until you reproduce then die. So with exception we put sex first.
unless its sex with your bike!! sweet
Elan said:
unless its sex with your bike!! sweet
of course, lots of holes on those things.
In response to the topic title " Do busts distract you from trials" i would have to say that whilst riding, no, but on any other occasion when my eyes go a strolling, then yes. so, who here uses www.thehun.com ?
whats that? my mommy restricted my web browser from me, i m sadmess
what? where? haha
trusty www.thehun.com , the only free p*rn site you'll need..

i was wondering, whille on the topic of porno, have any of you americans ordered one of those free 'cd-girls' porno DVD's ? all you have to pay is shipping, and there from america, so to me in england that would be quite a bit, but for you guys, quite cheap..?
Haukaas said:
You instinctively respond to breasts because you must pick the ones that best feed your offspring.

hahhaahahahahah interesting
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