DM24 and King Iso disc front?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by bwagner, Aug 19, 2004.

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    DM24 and King Iso disc front? Does anyone know the exact length for this hub and rim combo? I'm running 32 spokes, three cross pattern, and it's a 26" wheel just to clarify that. Thanks in advance for any help you guys might provide me with! Oh, and so you know, I've already gotten three different sizes from three different spoke programs!
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    Check this out. I've built dozens of wheels using the lenths it has generated for me and it hasn't failed me yet.

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    There's no dimensions for the rim ERD I'm using, and I cannot find it anywhere dude. I don't have the rim in my hands, so I can't measure it myself. Thanks for the suggestion though, I already have the Excel thing, I D.L.'d it last night:) Wanna ride soon? Did you find a place yet?
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    I've got an unlaced dm24 in my garage, how do you want it measured? ERD= inner diameter plus what?

    edit: nevermind, I just read your other thread on the same thing- whats the measurement worth to you? JK, I'll get it.

    Alright, I get 552.8 I measured 68 3/8 inches with a string, divided by pi, multiplied by 25.4 mm/inch and came out with 552.8mm

    then, If I measure the outer diameter with a tape measure it's22.5", then subtract the depth of the rim on the inside (twice) I get 21.75" and that comes to 552.45mm

    So I think your answer is somewhere near 552-553, but you can keep looking.
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