Disc brake pad comparisons

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Swoofty, Jan 24, 2018.

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    For most of my trials life I've been running discs front and rear. I've had Hopes, Echos, Maguras, BB7s, TRP Spykes and Revers. I really liked the trialtech compound when i could get it, but mostly I've been running stock Magura pads for years now. My next bike has TRPs front and rear so finally I have a brake with pads made by all the serious manufacturers, except trialtech. Does anyone have trials experience with Galfer, Kool Stop, Swiss Stop, Clark or Shimano pads? The Shimano pads are by far the cheapest, but does anyone have a review for any of the others? I'll start doing my own tests; slowly.
  2. FFBtrial

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    Galfer are usually quite good.
    I think they have a compound that pretty much matches the :
    Jitsie, Trialtech, Clean ... ( all those aftermarket specifically for trials )

    I have no idea what those look like, but I did fit some Trialtech Saint pads into Hope V4 calipers...
    Sometimes, you're lucky, they fit in close, just couple minutes filing them and you're good to go.

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    the saint pads seem to get kind of glossed over pretty quickly and they stop grabbing.
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    I have Swiss stops in Saints front and rear. They broke in very quickly and have excellent hold.