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Did anyone watch made?

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When that chick did the backflip after only riding for 5 weeks? I was hoping for her to eat shit and cry, but it didnt happean. :greddy:
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i wish i had more than 3 channels. 2 of which are fox.

"ooh, she fell on her cookie- that's not good..."

haha- props to her for having big enough ovaries to go for that

speaking of backflips- i know a girl that does backflips... on a mtn bike though... and on real jumps- not just the resi ramp. next video...
Some kid at my school was talking about that show. He simply wouldn't believe me that there were more than two women capable of back flips. Some people believe anything they hear on MTV.

That's so sick that Hannah is pulling them....

My friend tried forever to get in her pants.
haha, aiming high? hannah has huge ovaries! :rofl:
ok i'm pretty drunk

but that fucking :rofl: thing FREAKS ME OUT



Hannah sounds familiar??? dunno..
[supertroopers]I'm Freakin out maaaan[/supertroopers]
Bill said:
[supertroopers]I'm Freakin out maaaan[/supertroopers]
The snosberries taste like...snosberries!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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