Derailleur --> Singlenator

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by oicdn, Aug 7, 2004.

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    Derailleur --> Singleator

    My derailleur itself hasn't shit the bed, but the two adjustment screws are bent, and needless to say, it's not adjustable anymore, :ugh: I can basically just shift now. I can't make any little the next time it needs to be adjusted from a hit or whatever, I'm screwed.

    So I was thinking, the only time I shift to 7th gear is when I commute somewhere. Otherwise, it's ALWAYS in 3rd. Those are the only gears I use.

    Would it be viable to just replace my derailleur with a singlenator? And if I need to shift, move the chain over to 7th myself. Like I said, it's hardly shifted, only when I go to commute to a spot so it wouldn't be that much of a hassle. And since I commute, I didn't want to shift to single speed.... That way if I bash it...umm...nothing happens, LOL
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    My friend runs a singulator and likes it alot, but the new design would not allow you to change gears. it uses a screw to adjust. you might be able to find another brand that would move back and forth but I dont know. Ive thought about rigging half of a DH chain guide in the front (Probably wont work, but who knows)

  3. hydroboy

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    those screws arnt used for any adjustment except limiting the mechs movment. you shouldnt really need them at all. Use the barrel adjuster or the cable length to adjust the gears.
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    You can just use your derailleur as a singleator if you want. Take the two gears you want and have them side by side. Then run a tiny length of cable through the barrel adjuster and tighten it down on the harder gear with the barrel adjuster all the way in. When you want to use your trials gear just turn the barrel adjuster until it moves the derailleur over one cog and onto your trials gear.