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denver group ride/film session

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photos from the denver ride a couple weeks ago all care of Josh McGuckin at motion boy:

Me gapping from that der fancy wall out to dat der rail an' sthuff:

Josh slapping up then gapping these rails- photo josh said he didnt like the way the fisheye looked though:

me again with the rtd rail drop-gap from anuzah angle:

Poncho-mobile doing a very nice up- this picture looks sick as sars if you ask me:

Theo- the total bad-ass mofo busting out a "plain" manual on the colorado history museum back side next to the court house:

word to the turd.
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Those are some really sick photos. I wish I was that talented with a camera and had a fisheye lense (anyone care to donate :naughty:?).
Josh may be right, the planter walls don't look as if they aren't part of the original picture. ( Of course I'm only assuming that that is because of the fisheye.)
The picture of Theo manualing kicks ass, the fisheye thing really adds at that angle. (imho) The only thing I would change (if it's an option) would be to edit out the spokes in the front wheel. ( they show in the blue background but not against the sky.)
yeah, i wish i had about oh... 2500 duckets right now so i could afford a new gl-2 and a death lens... but alas, i am broke from recent aquisitions and future plans
that was the best ride taht i think i ahve ever had..too bad i am not photo material..oh well, i saw some sick shit going down.

And now I'm really kicking myself for not going that day.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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