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December 30th ride

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I'll be riding december 30th. This is the first time I've been on a computer for a while, and I probbly won't see another one till the 29th...then i disapear again for a while. holler if you want to ride
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im up for some riding..where at?
Hay dewds.

Horsetooth, the 30th... at around 12-1 pm, new stuff natty. Competition, most likely a one man one, 6 sections 2 rounds...3 if light permits....spot can be seen at graham wilhelms riding.

UCI, 2:30, etc. Call 970-310-6741 if you want, this may not be checked.
I'll see you guys there.

oh, that is hilarious. why is fort collins so far away? that is really lame.
I fived every section except one. Pics to come, if you have a time machine and want to take them.
Andrews sections are way too hard. I got all like 120 points. gay. then i broke my wrist.
Ok here is a pic of section five, any line you want...Starting at the top, and coming down. Yes, practically every rock there moves. And yes, its very very steep.

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thats retarded, and im going to die.
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