DC/balti this week/end?

Discussion in 'NorthEast, USA' started by VillarTrials, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. VillarTrials

    VillarTrials New Member

    anyone down to ride this week or weekend? anywhere?

    Jerry Villar
  2. smudge

    smudge Central Scrrrrrrrutinizer

    I'm going to try. I don't have a bashguard at the moment so I'm trying to stick to natty. If people decide on an interesting rocky place, I'm in. It might be worth finding out if Great Falls has park police this time of year. It's a great riding area, but unfortunately illegal.

    I have most of Saturday to myself but am trying to get some machining stuff taken care of. I'm also going to scout the yellow trail out at Gambrill early Saturday morning. I was told it has some big rocks out there. Anyone is welcome to come along on this XC type ride.

  3. tybikes

    tybikes New Member

    I could be down for riding on Saturday...im not into pedalling too much though, sorry smudge! I would like to hit up college park again sometime.

    No chance of making it out on Sunday. We're having a huge party at my frat on Saturday, so Im gonna go ahead and say it now..."Uh, hey Gary, its Trev. Yeah, I was up late boozing and being a drunk idiot, so I guess Im not going to be able to ride this morning/afternoon. Besides, its too cold/windy/cloudy/rainy to ride anyway."

    Anyway, let me know what the deal is.

  4. bwagner

    bwagner New Member

    I'm down for a saturday A.M. ride. I have some evening plans(4:30 pm), but up until then, I'll be riding my bike somewhere, with someone(or maybe even more than someone).
  5. VillarTrials

    VillarTrials New Member

    cool, im down for saturday AM ride as well. Trev, college park sounds fine to me, but any other place is also good. sorry sean but i dunno if im so down for an xc type ride, however, if youre down, maybe sunday we could do some natty... anywho keep me posted as to whats up...
    Jerry Villar
  6. halfazn

    halfazn Member

    damn, it was such a beautiful weekend and you guys were out riding while I was re-building my house. What a bummer:( Oh well Maybe next time.