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Dancing robots video

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kissing the lipless.
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We are all DOOOOOOMED!

good dancing routine though
They can probably dance a lot better than most of us :(
Nice beats too! Team breakdancing next vid. Or a Jackie Chan fight routine.Jane Fonda workout partner.
what? no moonwalking? i think a michael jackson routine is in order :lol:

definitely not cool, but funny and impressive
You do realize that like 3 years ago they couldn't even make these things WALK. Now they are dancing. In 10 years they will kill us all, no doubt.
Uhh...yeah, they'll kill us all...if someone programs them to. Hasn't anyone read Asimov!?
they can't rationalize yet at least... and they suck at dancing, i am the best.
That is halarious. Skynet has a long way to go. I'd love to kick a few of those little shits.
Remember those stupid RC skateboard bots years ago.RC trials bot.
for when we're too old to move.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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