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damn chris king

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Most important part of my bike and the only way you can purchase one is if you are a dealer of Christ King and the only way to sign the agreement is to get ahold of them. But "all of chris king" is outa town so you can get do it. I guess that adds another two weeks before my bike finishes...

BTW: What color did I order, rasta? :rofl:
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you mean to say QBP is out of king headsets...?
No they are not out. Your bikeshop just needs to sign a agreement about selling their products or you cannot get ahold of them.

They are also in the process of changing factories. I know they have the hubs in stock, not sure about the headsets but I am pretty sure they have them also.
I'm sure you can pick up a $10 dollar headset and use it for a few weeks. its only a headset anyway :dunno:
Why not just buy the ritchey s-2? Lighter and cheaper and Im sure you wont be able to feel the difference between the two. Having not tried a CK.
Talking to yourself there? :ugh:

Kings are a delight, should outlive your heart and brain...but you def don't have to have one to ride a bike.
haha I guess I kind of was since nobody ask about a different HS.
Hell, I even ran my Chris King with out one of the races for about 8 months, and it still works great...
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