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Custom built trials bike, everything is in perfect working order. Brakes have been professionally serviced this year. Brand new KMC chain installed.
Bought this bike used in around 2008. I was told it had barely been ridden. I am the second owner. I upgraded the brakes in 2009, and then replaced the frame shortly after (nothing wrong with the old parts, just wanted to upgrade). Since then, it's barely been used. Handful of rides tops.
Few typical scratches here and there, no major deep ones apart from the scratches on the underside of the left crank arm as you'd expect from any trials bike.
Frame - Czar disc - long, double disc.
Rear wheel - Monty hub on an unknown (probably Echo) drilled rear rim. Held in with red Monty snail cams.
Front wheel - Onza rim with drilled sidewalls and cut out with hedgehogs (yeah that isn't a typo), Echo front hub.
Freewheel - ENO trials (green), one of the highest end freewheels money can buy.
Brakes - dual Hope Mono Trials, fully serviced and replaced seals this year. Set up right hand front brake, this can easily be switched around.
Forks - Monty.
Tires - Try-all. Some of the best tires for 20" ever made, and are no longer made.
All other components are either Zoo! or Echo (same company) parts. Inc the headset, bars, bottom braket and cranks.
The white frame, black and red parts make this thing stand out.
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