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custom fork help please

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ok, i am a furious touch upper, and there doesnt seem to be a disk specific fork out there for me that wont brake that im liking (sorry PX). Now that i think about it this could work out well. i wil get the person to copy some forks i have, and put the disk mount in the same position as the one on my koxx fork so i dont have to buy a new caliper. the fork will be 100% steel. all i want to know is will it cost heaps, jsut to get a guy to copy designs? like i have the forks for him to copy? and will they be able to make dropouts etc.

cheers. i still have more to think about but your input would be awesome.

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Hey Alex.

You can actually buy fork blades, and dropouts. Have a look for the 'Columbus Tubing' website... or something similar.
(Thats if you dont want a 5 piece fork (like the PXs.))

Id try and get them to make the dropouts specially though - integrate the disc mount into the dropout (like on Fattys). Shouldnt be too hard to do.

I cant comment on prices and such, as i have no idea, but if you want a hand with the design/engineering sides of things feel free to give me a shout on MSN (Y)

cheers adam, i will no doubt talk to you on msn about it. i really hate the 5 peice bullshit, looks like poo :yum: i know i shouldnt be so gay and worry about looks but i think if im going to go to the trouble of making forks, i would want them to look the goods.

surely a dude (its embarressing because i dont even know what to call them) can bend steal etc, what i was going to do was give them my snapped koxx forks, to copy the legs, and then tell them to stick a steerer in and weld the fuck out of the bitch so it wont break. good or bad idea?

what sort of person would i look at to help make these forks?

sorry im not too bright at this, i should of done some research before posting and making a dick out of myself but i was excited

Hahah, its all good man.

What about getting a new steerer fitted to your Forxx? 'ToX' on Trials-Forum had it done i think.. cost him £4 (in Romania though!).

I think he had it done 'Fatty-Style' meaning its now much less likely to break too...

Worth a think?

thetart20 said:
Hahah, its all good man.

What about getting a new steerer fitted to your Forxx? 'ToX' on Trials-Forum had it done i think.. cost him £4 (in Romania though!).

I think he had it done 'Fatty-Style' meaning its now much less likely to break too...

Worth a think?

Hehe , it's not me , it's KrazyKid , a friend of mine ... he got a pair of Koxx Forxx with snapped steerer , and replaced the steerer with a strong steel one (the thickness of the tube is growing until where it meets the legs , i hope you get it :ugh: ) The technique here is widely used as we can't afford new forks , and the guy that does this kind of work replaced a lot of steerers , none of them broke after the replacement.
I strongly recommend this way of fixing your fork , because you can fit almost any steerer that you may want , even a hardcore heavyweigth one :)
as horribly gay as it might sound....I've been amazed that my ZOO! never snapped. I don't really understand it, since it flexes about 3 inches in every direction- but never breaks. :dunno:

edit: And believe me I've tested this new one on the woodman....failed 4 pedal hooks and tap ups resulting in just plain running straight into 5 foot walls. God I can't wait to get a bike whose front end actually comes up at speed :wtc:
try the zoo, it is $125. test it out, tell us how it does, i havent heard of one breaking yet but want to see what they are capable of...

oh yea, i can attest to andrew's fork... it has seen some pretty burly attempts at hooks... im really surprised with it... i ride one too, it is flexy, but that doesnt bother me too much... :werd:
zoo forks are the bomb. I have one. it's flexy, but it hasn't broken yet.
could i see some pics of these koxx forxx with steel steerer please? zoo may be an option but since my caliper on my disk will only fit with the koxx gay disk mounts unless i fork out for new caliper i guess i should try the new steerer idea. that is also why i was thinking custom, but it seems like it will cost a lot, it would have been cool.

how is this steel steerer fitted? and is this steel that increases in thickness readily available.

thanks guys :drool:
why does it only fit on a koxx fork?
well what i mean is, the mount on the koxx fork isnt international standard so that the disk will be too big for the caliper when fitted to an I.S. fork. im guessing getting the new steel steerer fitted to the forks will be cheaper than a new caliper.
adaptor would be the best bet, im haveing one shit of a time starting yesterday lol. my magura is leaking in the wheel cylinder so i need to buy a new one. the guy who lent me his fork nees it back apparently. and i somehow flatted twice on a michelin comp 24.1, one of them on an up??

with the fork saga, id be very interested in the new steerer pics, because i looked at my fork, and the steerer will need to be different sizes, one size so its the right size for the headtube, and a smaller size to fit inside the fork. do i pin it like brisa?

sounds liek a jumble fuck to me.
well im taking the forks to an engineers on monday so i will get back to you then about whats happening. i will also post pics up etc if they do it with an explanation.

sweet... what kind of material aer you using again?
i'll be using steel as the steerer. take it to the engineers to get tehm to machine something, probably get them too fill the hole in the steerer near the bottom where it snapped last time. i will also use a less high tensile steel so it will bend rather than snap. i'll talk to the guys to see what they think though.

any input?


This is the fork with the new steerer fitted , it doesn't look too much different.
Yep the diameter of the tube where it joins the legs is smaller , but it shouldn't be problem , the end of the tube is machined down so it's diameter will be smaller , but the thickness beeing bigger at the end , you won't sacrifice strength. I'm pretty sure that tubing with different thickness is accesible to every engineer.
For the fitting , the engineer needs to heat up the legs , fit the new steerer and let it cool down , that's exactly the process of fitting original steerers in factories.
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aer you talking about tapered?
ok, i just got back from the engineers. yesterday i got turned down several times but today i talked to a guy who would just machine a solid peice of steel down so its hollow all the way though but thick at the bottom and thinnner at the top so the star fangled nut can fit.

then i have to find an epoxy resin like the koxx guys uses to bond the aluminium to the steel steerer.

the machining is goin to cost AU$150 max if i go through with it which i might, alot more than $4 romanian :eek: but i think it would be worth it is it didnt break

i may well take this guy up, what do you think?

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