cure for lower back pain?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by aj2four0, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. aj2four0

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    Has anyone tried riding in a lifting belt.. i mean, those things are amazing for dead lifts and squats. keep ur bake nice and straight. I guess it would be a little constraining.. but, it'd probably make ur form better.

    just throwin it out there, let me know if you've had experience with it, or what you think about it :-D
  2. OTAdmin

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    nothing to do with your thread, but...

    Peoria eh? I'm from the quad cities originally :) Nothing to ride on the Iowa side there, so don't bother visiting with the intention to ride. How's the terrain around Peoria?

  3. Sethbomb

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    NO, I gotta disagree......If your "core" muscles ( "core" muscles: being stomach and lower back muscles, are the connection between upper and lower body/ and main controllers of balance).
    If you're having pain or problems with them, focus on lengthening and stregnthening them!!! Do not try to correct them with belts or crap like that, it will only make things worse!! Belts are for serious lifters pushing weight that is not of normal load, but cycling, trials riding ect should be considered normal load. I get lectured on this a lot from my wife as she is a certified Pilates instructor.....
    #1 see a doctor. I don't think any one on this forum is even partially qualified to diagnose your back pain.
    #2 if it's not serious, consider that your stomach and low back muscles work together, so if your lower back hurts after riding, most likely those muscles are over compensating from your week stomach muscles. Just something to consider. Strengthening my stomach muscles took away 99% of my previous back pain.

    ***and if you're still reading this, keep in mind your reading advise from a gease monkey, who knows nothing of human anatomy, except for what his wife tells him........
  4. AndyT

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    In over 4 years of riding trials I've never even been sore in my lower back, let alone had any pain. I think it not only has to do with strength of your core muscles, but your technique as well. I don't even know how you would put massive stress on your lower back- my upper back is always sore after riding, which is a good thing and makes it stronger.

    I do stretch constantly through the day as well.
  5. Faction Bike

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    you gotta stretch the hamstrings. I have noticed that this may be a major cause of my backpain in myself. I don't know if there is a 100% correlation but if the hamstring are tight, my back gets screwed. Also I have noticed if I try and work my abs with weight doing low reps, instead of high rep, no weight excercise, I will tweak my back after a few weeks of those exercises. Main thing is stretch and warm up the bus.
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    Hey aj2four0,
    This is a little off topic again, but my primary location is the Cincinnati area. If I were to list a second location it would be Peoria. Where do you live and where do you go to school? Last time I went to IL I rode in downtown Peoria with some BMX guys and nearly got arrested. Do you have any places you can suggest for my next trip to IL?