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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by CoppellStereo, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. CoppellStereo

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    Hey guys, I know its been a while since ive been here, I fractured my wrist a while ago, and so I tried to think about biking least as possible, but im about 100% now.

    My friend Stu (some of yall met him in Austin with me) and I were elected to build a trials course, and have a little competion at one of the Texas A&M Mountain bike races (colleges from around Texas will be there), and we need ideas on what we should build, and design for the course.

    They want it to have a section were most any advanced mountain biker would be able to complete a section.
    Then all the way up to a section were only the elite few could do it.

    Let me know if you have any ideas, or if you need more info

  2. AgrAde

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    are you going to have beginner/sport/expert classes?

  3. Ross

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    I think that an advanced mountain biker would need a beginner's trials course. :)
  4. CoppellStereo

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    hehe, yeah, thats what i meant about the advanced mountain biker :joshers: . but there will be 3 classes. A being the hardest, B being intermediate, and C being the rest of the people. Those are the same classes they use for races
  5. Edge

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    Will there be some natural or will it all be man made? If you are going to have a comp in that area we will make the drive from dallas to support it.
  6. CoppellStereo

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    it will be mostly man made, but they said they might get some logs and stuff, i dont know about rocks though, I will let you know as soon as i hear word about how official this event will be.
  7. uownme

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    Just get the Texas crowd to help you out. The will know how to make the course see'n as they have been to plenty of comps to have an idea. Im sure they would be happy to do it also...
  8. giventofly

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    three letters

    C A R

    I just hosted a similar event in Ohio this past weekend. It was a MTB race, and they wanted trials type stuff for the MTB guys to try out the sport, so we just created a 1 class event, some balance beams, picnic tables, all with ramps leading up to them. Be creative, and think like someone who can't trackstand. also, GET A CAR. Have one donated. Most junkyards will gladly give you a car, as long as you return it so they can have the scrapmetal once you're done. Keep it easy for the beginners, using ramps to get up and over, and use creative section taping to create 2 sections out of it, one line for beginners, then maybe a dropoff for the "trials" riders. If this is anything like the event I did, it'll work out fine! Are you expecting a lot of actual trials riders? or is it just a bike race with some trials?
  9. giventofly

    giventofly I like Hops

    here are some pics of the sections we made. The format of this event was as follows:

    The event is called King of the Mountain

    XC, Downhill, Slalom, Bunnyhop, Slowrace, Bike Limbo, Observed trials events are ran. The rider with the most 1sts, 2nds, 3rds, etc is declared the winner. We ran 4 sections 2 loops (time didn't allow more) over 2 days. Riders could do trials anytime, in between their other events. You have to take into account the widely varying skill levels of mountain bikers when building sections. Most xc and DH guys would just blast through beginner sections with their suspension forks and toe clips, so make sure you have tight turns, to slow them down. Use ramps to get up anything over 18 inches high. Create Negative lines for more experienced guys. we had an option....ride the ramp down the hood of the car or drop off. we had a total of 3 neg lines per loop, and our first place finisher was a DH rider with 11.5 inches of travel who scored a -6. The last place guy had a 40 (5ed every section) What worked out perfectly, was we only had 1 -6 and only 1 40, so the sections in my opinion weren't too easy or too hard.

    here's how our sections were made up
    Section 1.....long benches 1.5 feet wide about 30 feet long. 6" wide ramp up to them. down a short flight of stairs, and across another bench. we decided that every rider MUST be able to clean section one.

    Section 2....Balance beams, logs and a teeter totter, lots of tight turns.
    slightly harder that section 1
    Section 3....Tighter turns, negative line drop off of a picnic table. Ride 2 picnic tables placed end to end, turn around and ride accross the benches.

    Section 2 Up and over the car, neg line to drop the hood, over the spool in the pic, up a 2x4 ramp, and back down the other side, neg line through a rock garden that you really couldn't roll.

    That is how I did my event yesterday, and it was a huge hit. We had all the "trials" riders that were there riding demos, showing how the real guys did things!
  10. austintrials

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    when and where is the Comp going to be?
  11. trialspads


    No wonder I haven't seen you in awhile :) Wrist injuries suck! Go Aggies! :rofl:
  12. RyanMcVicker

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    Does anyone know a good design for a trials course using only palets?

    btw, good luck with the event.
  13. [BMF] Chris


    when you say an eilte few, do you mean, elite few mtbers or, like, actual trials riders?