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Crappy Michelin Comp24.1????

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I recieved my Comp24.1 from Cambria bike today....I wouldn't say I'm exremely Impressed. Nothing having to do with Cambria, but the tire itself. They were put in a big box like any other shipping company would, so don't think this is Cambrias fault....

They're supposed to have SUPER TOUGH STIFF sidewalls right? Well, compared to the Intense, they're REALLY flimsy. I can squeeze the tread down to both wires with one hand pretty easily, about the same difficulty as my Kenda Kinetic 2.1s...... I can't do that with ONE sidewall of the Intense.....

Also, my labeling on my tire kinda sucks. There's only labeling on ONE SIDE with Michelin in white paint (or whatever it is) opposite eachother and the other side just has Michelin in raised rubber. The wire beads aren't exactly perfectly round either, they farther at some points than others, by an inch or so. Like one spot they're almost touching, on another spot they're 3 inches apart, LOL.

LOL, don't get me started on the WildGripper 2.1 S. That thing has folded sidewals, like a bikes weight has been on it for awhile. Bulged out and FOLDED OVER like a roll of fat on a beer gut. The wire bead is wavy and the white letters are again, only on one side?

All of that is prolly all trivial, and has NO EFFECT once tubed/mounted and filled with air, but it sure as hell LOOKS sketchy not mounted/filled. I was expecting an UBER STIFF sidewall from the way you guys said the sidewall gives nice rebound/NEVER pinchflats. My crappy Kenda Kinetics even came in better condition new than that front Miche did...jeez, looks like melted plastic for sidewalls, LOL. But I dunno, my Intense came perfectly "true" and everything.....maybe it's just quality standards? I dunno, is everybody elses like this when they get it?

I can might snag a pic and post it later....if anybody is intrested.

**edit**The beads are wavy as in, when you look at a car tire, it's equadistant all the way around, but this bike tire, the beads are close at points, and FAR on others, don't think that I meant shaped wavy as in an "S" shape...
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stfu and put it on your rim and ride it... what teh fuck are you complaining about?
sorry if i came across as being a meany, jsut ride your tire though, and you will see teh light, like motel 6.

wow there are still more in your post...
how the fuck can you complain about something you haven't even used yet? put it on your god damned bike and try it. Who gives a flying shit piss about labling anyway.

this is officially the dumbest shit i have ever read.
:rofl: Like I said. It looked to be all trivial....I don't REALLY care too much, as I'de prolly see the light once it was on my bike....but I thought maybe I got the rejects cause of the fat roll sidewall on the front tire, LOL.

But the sidewall stuff really erks me on that rear. It's pretty flimsy, almost like a regular sidewall. Which is how I wonder how the hell you guys never got pinchflats......smoothness? It does have a nice SQUARE profile though...I like.... :bigthumb:

My bike gets here on Friday gauranteed (lol, got shipped 2-day today) so I'll do a comparo then on both grip and feel. Can't quite do much more than rear wheel stall, but that should give me some sort of inkling of grip on a ledge.....

I seem to have a SQUARE intense DH 2.35. My others weren't as square....so it should be intresting....The knobs on it aren't HUGE SQUARE CHUNKS either..I'm thinking I got a NOS tire cause the graphics on the sidewalls don't look as modern as all my other ones....
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The rear tire should be NOTHING like a normal tire. It should feel identical to the tread in terms of flimsyness. It shouldn't feel anything like your intense, which is a huge piece of shit...but the sidewalls are made out of steel. Have you handled many normal tires...? IE that hot S, or a tioga dh...those are normal sidewalls.
its just a tire, its made of rubber it will flex..
intense tires- 4 PLY... OVERKILL (even for dh, team riders have super secret stuff known only as "not stupidly overbuilt crap" aka 2 ply- see below)

normal people tires (maxxis, michelin)- 2 PLY.... yes it will feel flimsy... jput the tire on and then bath in the glory as you will have saved like a pound over the intense tires...
I think all the experts on the board have been nice enough to respond to your annoying nOOb questions.

You don't need a Megamo, or a Michelin tire, or anything else for that matter. You could probably learn the basics for the next year on your freeride bike or whatever it is you ride.

I don't mean to rip into you or anything, that's not my intention. Just don't come whining to us when you break your frame, wheels, cranks, etc...

Someone who doesn't even ride shouldn't even use equipment like you have! You are going to have to learn how to ride smooth!! That's not even an option!! You probably shouldn't learn how to ride on a Megamo comp spec bike that you're going to break anyways!!!! Don't become a freaking Steeve Coule!!!!
JK said:
Someone who doesn't even ride shouldn't even use equipment like you have! You are going to have to learn how to ride smooth!! That's not even an option!! You probably shouldn't learn how to ride on a Megamo comp spec bike that you're going to break anyways!!!! Don't become a freaking Steeve Coule!!!!
Who's to say I don't already ride smooth? How do you know I don't already know some basics from my freeriding bike? Or that I can possibly RIP in freeriding, but wanna transfer over to trials? That's exactly the point, LOL, you DON'T. There's that guy Dalton on here that rode BMX for 4 years and knows how to already pedal kick, etc just from BMXing. Just because somebody's new at trials specifically doesn't mean they don't already know how to pull some lines, or that they ride like an ape and just thrash everything....

You don't think I would have done all this without decent research? That's the reason I ask questions about TRIALS, so I can prolly help somebody else out later. If somebody needed freeride help, I'm sure I could lend a hand, or even motorcycle racing....granted that's not pertaining to this forum, but I'm pretty sure you were a n00b in another forum.....

Jeezz....sorry for asking questions and learning an additional sport....
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there is nothing wrong with being a noob- obviously everyone here once was also. looking back on things i was WAY guilty of being overly teched out with my bike parts when i really didnt need em. a lot of the time the only reason some people get frustrated with beginners buying up top of the line stuff is because a lot of the time the beginner would never know the difference between the top dollar goods and what they already had. there is nothign wrong with being enthusiastic about the sport or anything at all just keep in mind some stuff with parts wont help you as much as actual riding.
Man, I wish people would just relax. You don't have to be so mean to the guy in your replies, it would have been quite simple just to tell him "they're not as thick as the intense, so the sidewalls will not be as stiff. That's just the way they're made. Put them on your bike and see how nice and sticky they are".

That being said, I'm glad oicdn realized that you guys aren't really pricks, you're just smartasses. But I'd appreciate it if you took it down a notch... for me ;)

i see the expensive parts thing mostly as an investment in longevity - at least with things like king hubs and middleburns. sure i don't really need either of them, but now that i've got them, i'll never need anything else either...
I bought all the "best" parts as soon as I could for my bike. Why buy a crappy wheel for $75 and replace the freehub a few times before you finally invest in a king, there went $100 you could have put towards better cranks. Always buy the best you can afford.

thank god for moderators and other people with a level-head..i dont think anybody was trying t obe a prick, as you stated matt.... just some people have less polite ways of saying things.
is it possible you have the 24.1 'light'?
That would be awesome. The regular 24.1 is a bit overkill anyways, and too heavy for most situations.
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