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cranks for your trialsin

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what are good cranks? im not spending $200 :ugh2: ...yet...
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I was looking at these and considering them. New product from FSA, I believe theyre fairly new...


Im cheaper than you, I dont feel like spending over $100. But Ill just stick with my old square taper (ugh) Power Pros for now.
Elan didn't you work at a bike shop? Just get some race face lps, $120 cost.
I have some turbine LPs for sale elan i am willing to sell for umm we will say 60 (light use ona cross bike no bash marks or anything square taper and tapers are in great shape). Im me uofdgolf or email [email protected]
if you were spending $200 theDman has some middleburns for sale, $200 including a bb, its on bt
i have isis... wont switch unless i get somthing for CHEAP... i think i will get a set of RF lps... i am bidding on soem right now...

What color is that race face crank action?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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