coust derailleur problem solved

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by digby, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. digby

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    in reference to this thread

    Solved my derailluer hanger bending problem. I took out the derailleur. It rides like a mod now.


    thought thered be too much slack in the chain or it'd be too tight, ended up chain tension is just right and I cant make it skip or change gears. My sidehops have improved tenfold since I dont have to worry about that stupid ass derailleur anymore.

    This would have been impossible without fun bolts, thank you chris king.
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    nice job man looks good
    what gears are you running, im sure that it wouldnt work as well as you got it with just any gear ratio though i may be wrong and i am stupid and dont know what the fun bolts are so could you please explain??
    your coulst looks sweeet too
    whats spec?



    GTFCKD New Member

    sick is the chain realy tight cos i thought it would worp (twist) the hub/casset body

  4. digby

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    I'm running a 18 tooth track cog in front, 15 tooth cog in the rear. The Cassette is a cheap 7 spd cassete you can get from trialsin usa. Dont know what the length of the chainstay is, but put all those together with a koxx chain and it works pretty good.

    If you look at my dropouts, you'll notice I dont have a normal quick release. Instead, I have a chris king hub with fun bolts. fun bolts are large hollow stainless steel axle bolts, I think it takes a 7 or 8mm allen wrench to tighten. They make the hub alot more solid and there is no chance of it slipping. Without these, pedaling hard would probably knock the wheel loose or something.

    The chain tension is just right, not super tight, but its also not going anywhere either. Pretty much the same tension you'd run on a mod. I checked it a couple times, Its amazing how it all worked out.

    Also on my sidehops, I did the ass to the side(hermance) thing a couple times by accident. I was just trying to see how high up I could get, landed pretty good and noticed that my right shin was across the top tube, and I had the bike in this weird ass funky chicken tabletop. This bike is super low, dont think you could get away with it on a px.
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  5. uownme

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    Why not just remove the hanger? You could bolt it straight to the frame.