Could this get any worse...... i think so

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Spacemunkee, May 2, 2004.

  1. Spacemunkee

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    ive just had the shittest ride of my life.. if anyone cares then read it.. if you dont then dont bother.

    Park my car up .. go to ride some rocks.. forget to put my shin pads on and slip off pedals and do my shin in. So im like fair enough shit happens.. then when i go to switch/wheelswap a rock i had to bail and my legs get caught up in the front wheel ending up in a nice balls to stem and frame job. By now im a little pissed the day isnt going too good. Then later on another attempt results in me landing it.. but no thats not good enough my foot slips and my shin takes one again. I throw my helmet in anger.. broke it.. yes my own fault. I left my camera on a wall there were 8 riders.. we were all getting up the wall we look and camera is gone.. its no more than 1 metre away from where we all were.

    Finally.. i come back to my car really pissed.. a very shit days riding( ive missed out the fact it was just plain shit anyway) and i find out the car park gates are locked.. all i fucking need..

    so.. im thinking its been 2 weeks of shit riding now.. the only thing that keeps me going is that i do natural alot and im loving it all but everyone i ride with likes to do street and only a tiny bit of natural. So im thinking.. do i give trials a rest? just for a while.. because it feels like ive wasted today and last week riding... + everyone says yea ure getting better and everything but im just not seeing it at all.. all i see is me getting hurt all the fecking time and riding pure shite.

    Oh also one thing.. im from uk.. no shit.. but just wondering is natural really big in the US? because i think im like one of the few that really does not like doing street at all..its so boringly man made!.. get up a wall.. oh.. now i have to get down.. ok.. effort.. yay im having fun.. NOT

    sorry to post this pure shite ive just had the crappest day of my life nearly.. :ugh2:
  2. philth

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    What up Mr Monkey, so your a fellow Limey like me in the States, I'm like you i will alway feel at home riding rocks, there just something about them, i think its the hole mental aspect that draws me to them.

    i.e like you said "get up a wall.. oh.. now i have to get down.. ok" where a few rocks you have to figure out the best way to get up, across, down etc..its brill, i got love rocks.

    Any hoo on the whole riding thing, if its realy bad take a week of, and i mean of, no riding at all. Fix anything that is wrong with your bike. I don't know why but when you get back on its like some one has pushed a reset button or your riding mood, it just feels great.

    On a personal note, where in the states do you live? How long have you been here??

  3. Spacemunkee

    Spacemunkee Guest

    i dont live in US.. i like in uk but come over every so often to see family in NYC.. all of this crap happened on good old isle of wight.. which is like a mile off the coast of portsmouth (central n south of Uk) .. your so right abotu the whole riding thing.. i think its rest time.. i noticed the breaks do help when my forks fucked they did
  4. AndyT

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    I would kill to have your "worst day of your life" ever day. Riding natural is really big in the US, if you live in the right place.
  5. planetary1

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    give it a rest for like a week or something and wait until you really feel like you want to go sounds like you are just in a little slump, as far as natural, if that is what you like then don't worry about the other riders who only want to ride urban, come competition time you will be better prepared.

    I can not tell you how many times I've seen urban riders who can do big urban stuff but can't ride over two sticks to save their lives.
  6. oicdn

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    Ha...that would be me...cept maybe for teh goin big in the urban part...

    Urban rider here who YEARNS for some natty, but lives in the land of weight weenies and roadies....AKA Florida :rofl:
  7. Spacemunkee

    Spacemunkee Guest

    heh yea.. im not exactly a beginner im sort of intermediate i guesse ive been riding for a year n a half i can do all the basic things its just gettin them all bigger ( urban wise that is ) and we decided to do some rocks for once.. found out i was pure crap at it and decided to do something about it.. now i love it. Does riding natural make everything urban better? as in will my riding automatically become better sort of..
  8. Rob.K

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    You will develope much better stamina. Meaning you will be able to rid longer. and also if you are doing to or three moves in a row when doing Urban you won't be as tired on the third move, which will make it better.

    The biggest thing Natural developes is balance. You can not get great balance from just urban it will never happen.

    It is more chalanging too; as far as, you are very often in unfomfortable situations. Like a simple example of getting to back wheel when your on sharp rocks or you don't have much room and your on an up-slope or down-slope. This makes it harder and therefore make urban easier. Since most of the time you are on flat ground with a lot of space.
  9. trialspads


    Damn man...sorry to hear about your day. It does happen, I landed on my balls, wedged in between the rear tire & the seat (threw the seat after that), bashed my shin few times but I said fuck it & kept on going. I think the camera part would just piss me off though...

    I'd love to find more naturals around here...I just haven't found much.

    Naturals > urban (and damn naturals is hard for me)
  10. pav

    pav New Member

    i gave trials a rest for a week a few weeks ago and worked like a charm for me, i was simply too angry and now its all sick riding better than every!!
  11. MegamoMidwest

    MegamoMidwest chicago crew

    hey you know where Calshot in Southampton is? I go there every summer cause I used to live in England. I go to the Isle of Wight all the time! great place.

  12. Spacemunkee

    Spacemunkee Guest

    heh yea ive heard of calshot.. you really cant say that the isle of wight is a great place! its inbred as fuck altho there are so damn fine women out on the beaches in the summer.. if you ever come over tell me and ya can come ride with us in Ryde damn nice for natural right on the sea :)..

    The camera thing really did top the day off we had some great footage for a vid that was going to be released on here! :( not for a while now though