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COTrials 4

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Yo everyone-

I just finished up making COTrials 4 from the footage i got from the riding this past weekend. Please let me know what y'all think of it- goods, bads, the uglies (that'd be me). any comments are welcome. i want to keep making these better every time but i can't do that as well without feedback.

Vid moved to the video section of the site for archival purposes and yes i know it's poo .mov format but that's all i can do for now... sorry.

(by the way, i am indeed on a koxx in this video, what a shocker! im riding it until i get my next fancy pants deal fabricated)
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I'm excited, someone said your on a koxx now!! I'm jealous :(
why? wish you had a higher bb or something? :bigthumb:
oh you dirty bastard...that really hurt..low blow :( :wtc:

hahaha I can't ride for elephant poo!!

But I'll still teach you, I wont be on a wooden **** for ever :squint:

ps- nice vid, yes the mov is a bit gay...not as gay as me having to use macs everyday for my major though. I'm liking the wedges, and did I see you trying my patented move up that table? :bigthumb:

PS a diagram:

Left side: woodman ,......... Right side: Serg

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your patented move? i thought the frenchies invented that? the koxx like instantly added about 8 inches to my koxx-up height to two wheels... someday i will get that move as well as you had it! for now though im pumped to learn front wheel hooks eh!

haha, i couldnt resist the woodman jab. it's a good bike i just dont like how low the bb is. it helps for some things but hurts for others just like a high bb would. somehow i think you are still a good fair bit ahead of me what with that whole extra year of trials on me :D

that was a seriously awesome video kevin. great job on the editing, and the insane riding. huuuuge gaps and ups.
props to all the riders.

you're really good on that koxx frame kevin. how tall are you and how does the frame feel compared to others? im on the market for a new frame but being 5' 4" not sure if a 1065 would be good.
I think I put a good 3 months in riding this year, you've definetely caught up with all your fancy pants overseas training :p

Come comp season some might be shocked as robbie pfunder is as good/better than anyone in CO right now...especially on natural...Bill has him on sidehops, but matt goes huge on that stuff. That is if he stays in school, HIT THE BOOKS ******
very nice riding. Plus good choice of music. The wedge between the rails was pretty ballsy. Wish I could change frames that often though :yum:
overseas training? more like overseas ass whoppin' :D

i agree with you about robbie though- he is definately going to give some of us locals a run for our money in comps if he is around this summer!

roman- thanks for the praise! im glad to hear you liked the video! that was my 3rd ride on the koxx (and that was yesterday) so im not really used to it yet. it does feel really good though. im about 5'6" tall and it fits me just fine. marc caisso rode the xtp 1080 (same wheelbase as the 1065 actually- 1065=1080ish.... frenchies need new stickers or better math skills) to a second place finish this year at worlds and he is tiny, maybe 5'2 or 3" tall. at 5'4" you may be stretched on the 1065 (1085) but it wouldn't be out of the question for you- just changes everything about how you position yourself and ride. you are much better off with a stubby tiny little stem and a massive wheelbase than with a long stem and short wheelbase for trials... bes tthing i can suggest is riding someone else's if there are any around you to try it out.

thanks again!
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My bike is for sale...

I'm never gonna catch up to you guys if y'all wont quit getting better. Sabatoge is now my only option....
Kev man, good job again on making a sweet video. I think the lighting was about 100 times better than the last vid which is great, we need some DeWalt light stands!
This was my first ride out on my new Pure which rode ok, I want a new stem and handlebar set up and I need to ditch my shtity tires and get some Maxx sticky ones, whats up creepy crawlers. By the way Pancho, do you have your old Monty Stem or a stock stem for a bulge bar? Forget this Euro crap set up I am going back to my asian roots, with a Ketia set up!
If I did, I'd be running it. The stem and bar that I do have are the only parts that haven't broken from Tony Fernandez's old X-Lite that I've been riding now for more than two years.

Monty X-Lite + Tony Fernandez + 2 years of MY riding = certain death.
niiice! Loved the rail wedge...you guys have a good group of riders there.
that rock area under the bridge looks pretty cool, does it stay dry when it is snowing or raining? How come .mov? You using iMovie?
yup- right now im just doing stuff on imovie. i have premiere and will be getting fcp soon i guess. the spot under the bridge does stay mostly dry durring the snowy times which is great. it can be over a foot of snow out and that spot will have lots of ridable stuff (even if some people think it's the "gayest" rock spot ever)

that rail wedge will undoubtedly go down bigger and better in future riding and will probably lead to some other cool as a fool wedge moves... i have a few scary things in mind, trying them is a different story.
Yes, those rocks are the gayest rocks ever. No fucking quotes, don't be gay. The only excuse to ride them is its 4 feet of snow outside, otherwise you shouldn't be touching them. EVERS!
if you can find better "rocks" fifteen minutes outside my front door i would gladly ride them instead... not all of us are fortunate enough to have horsetooth and poodray in our back yards :yum:
You Boulder boys are getting pretty sick. Super smooth style all around with big technical moves. My helmet goes off to you all...good video Kevin, smooth transitions, good footage as always, nice angles. Dope.
Sweet vid there people , well done :bigthumb:

I see a bit of Coustellier, a bit of Vicent Hermance ..

Excellent vid !
Vid grew on me hella like woah....just like to give you props for inspiring me to learn that front wheel things, you know I don't like being outdone...bigger and better :bigthumb:

keep them coming since I don't get to ride with you, like to keep tabs on whats going on ;)
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