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Hey Everyone-

cotrials3 is now finished and up online thanks to Bill here at Observedtrials.net, a thank ya mister.

anyways, it was kind of hastily put together but the riding from Bill, Mike, Josh, and Theo was some high quality goods (and somehow i managed to rack myself 5 times in one ride, go figure). o yeah and dolphin is in there for a sec doing a rather spicey little fence ride.

please post your thoughts, comments, praise, hatred... up here when you take a look at it.


(PS- buy my movie... i have been told it is good and stuff :naughty: )


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doode! that is DEAn/zoo! shit..taht makes four zoo riders in colo..wait, maybe grant doesnt ride anymore, so 3 anyways.... but not for long, cause dis mofo rides cous.!
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