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heh, fat chance seeing another new zealander in here, let alone one from my town. hamilton is so bad for trials riders that theres been one bike for all three because they all gave up and sold the thing. i'm finally putting it to rest, its the end of an era.
ah well, do it anyway:

Jhan Vernon
(07) 855 8915
[email protected] (i use msn quite alot)
hamilton, new zealand

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(303)-449-1477(my home phone #)
(303)-786-3674(dorm,if riding CU definetly call this)
and yes it's the #1 party school :barf: but I am an engineer so that doesn't apply to me
(720)-366-6996(yeah, it says sixty nine and then ninety six)
[email protected](that e-mail address is so hard for me to remember sometimes)
by the way this should probably be a sticky
1 - 20 of 85 Posts
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