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    Hey guys,

    Maybe I just don't know how the championships work for UCI, but I thought that last years world champion was Marco Hoesel (If I rember correctly from Kevin's Paradise Found video). Was he not the Champion in 2003? I was just looking at the UCI webpage and it said that he didn't win Lugano it said that he got second behind Benito Ros or maybe even third behind Carles Diaz Codina. So if he didn't win the championships, how is he world Champion? Is World Champion decided by adding all the points in the World Cup? Was Benito Ros 2003 world Champion? Was Marco World Champion in 2002 and that was what Kevin was referring to?


    Ken T.
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    It might be the same argument as whether the Cousts deserve to be a world champion. You can win only one round and not go to the rest and be world champion apparently. You can also do it by going to all of the events and doing better than everyone else like a series sorta thing too I believe???

    Sounds like a gong show the way it was explained to me.

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    carles diaz placeed above marco in qualifiers- in the finals marco got 2nd behind benito. marco was the world champion in 2002 when the worlds were at kaprun which made him world champ until the finals in lugano where he was beat by benito. when looking at the uci site be sure you know whether or not you are looking at finals or qualifying. in the video i was referring to marco winning worlds in 2002.

    you can be a uci world champion by winning the one day world championship event. the uci world cup is different. you can be the uci world cup winner by doing better at the world cup events through the season. this is why you can have a world cup champion and a world champion be two different people. take dh for example- last season greg minnar was the world champion but the world cup title went to nathan rennie. two different titles for two different events- one is a single event and the other is a series.
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    Australian :) sorry i am just in the olympic spirit n all, watching women's XC (totally unrelated)
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    Ok, so you have the flollowing UCI titles then???

    World Championship
    World Cup
    European Championship
    Indoor European Championship

    Then I imagine you also have other championship events on a per country basis...
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    The European Championship and Indoor European Championship are no UCI titles as far as I know.
    These events are held by the european cycling federation, whose name doesn't want to come to my mind at the moment.