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Comp pics from Adelaide, South Australia

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Port Elliot

Another Angle

Hamish Oneill

Lindsay Colla

Ricky (dont know his last name, wicked, wicked rider though)


Sport - Daniel Mitchell 3rd / Kleat Wilson 2nd / Alex Markwart 1st

Elite Mod - Rob Smith's Dad 2nd / Ricky 1st

Elite Stock - Lindsay Colla 3rd / Hamish Oneill 2nd / Andrew Dickey 1st

i should have a mega cool video to go with this by the end of the week, will be very long. BillL could you maybe help me out with hostage if its up to standards?

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I'd be proud to host it Alex.

Thanks for the pictures, they're great... I can't imagine a better place for a comp!

i AM going to cry soon :wtc: :wtc: i hate myself, should be more organised :slap: *you idiot!* :slap:
nice pics alex. mish is an awesome rider, and that bike is spiffy too
woah, xtp in the house
haha, lindsay colla is as tall as mish oneil standing on an eski :greddy:
I didnt even need lube after those pics! :drool:

All of you guys that were able to go, are assholes, and i hate you.

You ever wonder why Mongoos is at almost every kind of biking event, yet thier bikes suck and don't really have anything that caters to the event they're at? :nuts:
Is that water swimmable? if so I am jumping a freight ship over there to live the rest of my life. Beautiful.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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