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Hopefully this stays up for a while. Basicly I'm trying to grab the attention of anyone who might like to ride here in beautiful (yet deranged...) Colorado Springs.

For anyone not familiar with any of us, we have twice weekly group rides, but usually end up riding together in some form 5 or 6 days a week.

Wedsnday Night- meet at Mike Clark's house at 6:30, ride until everyone craps out (sometime between 8 and 11).

Sunday Morning/afternoon/evening/latenight- meet at King Chef dinner around 9:30 for breakfast, decide where we're gonna ride, and usually ride all day.

We haven't missed a wedsnday ride in two years- seriously. If it is raining, we have several covered spots. If it is freezing and blizzardly, we'll ride flatland in somebodys garage.

Who to call
Me- Pancho- 719 963 4072 (cell) or 719 630 3314 (home)
Mike Clark- 634 8218
Josh Carr, but I'll let him post his own phone number.

We are mostly expert or sport riders, but we almost always have beginners or street riders with us. We are also very willing to teach everything we know, even if that involves riding without training wheels.

So please come ride with us, we want our scene to grow as much as possible.

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