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Hopefully this stays up for a while. Basicly I'm trying to grab the attention of anyone who might like to ride here in beautiful (yet deranged...) Colorado Springs.

For anyone not familiar with any of us, we have twice weekly group rides, but usually end up riding together in some form 5 or 6 days a week.

Wedsnday Night- meet at Mike Clark's house at 6:30, ride until everyone craps out (sometime between 8 and 11).

Sunday Morning/afternoon/evening/latenight- meet at King Chef dinner around 9:30 for breakfast, decide where we're gonna ride, and usually ride all day.

We haven't missed a wedsnday ride in two years- seriously. If it is raining, we have several covered spots. If it is freezing and blizzardly, we'll ride flatland in somebodys garage.

Who to call
Me- Pancho- 719 963 4072 (cell) or 719 630 3314 (home)
Mike Clark- 634 8218
Josh Carr, but I'll let him post his own phone number.

We are mostly expert or sport riders, but we almost always have beginners or street riders with us. We are also very willing to teach everything we know, even if that involves riding without training wheels.

So please come ride with us, we want our scene to grow as much as possible.

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I Josh can be reached a the shop at 1-800-688-8600 ext 132 ,leave a message please! or at home @ 719-227-1367. Stalkers welcome.
OK, so you guys are making me so sick since we've got 5 times the snow you have, even tho we're 6 hours south, that I called Tom today and insisted we attempt to ride anyway. Snow everywhere, but we squeeked out a sesh at ft lewis before consuming mass beers and spinning yarns all night...thanks for inspiring us out of sheer jealousy...did anyone know Ot craves pancakes since he can't get them in spain, and was blown away that all we do is add water to the stuff to mix it?...uh, first meeting details, but Tom and I think a half-ass comp at Iron Horse is a waste of time...anyone interested in a 3-day rock/blues trials-a-palooza at the nugget cabin instead? stevo
co sprgs has police up teh arse i hear...
Rock on Brother!
I know Tom, Ryder and I always talk about getting together to go camping and ridding, lets do it for REAL! Way in to your idea, Stevo. Mike, Akira, Billi are probably into to it also.
When are you thinking about holding this, Steve?

Durango is a long ways away... especially during school :\ If my weekend was clear I'd be down for it I think, but dedicating an entire weekend isn't easy most of the time. Let us know a little more info :D
We're talking about Memorial Day weekend and yes, Durango is waayyy down here and really don't want to organize everything for just 10 riders that can only stay one day. We're just trying to think of more impactful things to do instead of a comp that is only 1/2 what the finals are. I still have to throw the finals bash in August again too. This isn't that important since Tom and I are already competing in other Iron Horse events but I've received a couple requests for IH trials info already and Tom and I were just brainstorming. Sorry for hijacking the colo spr topic tho! steve
I'll see you out there soon with my ten year old son - he really wants to learn some trials skills, but his old man (that'd be me) doesn't have a CLUE!
I have a question about the nationals, is there a biginner mod class. it only says stock has a biginner class. under the mod it says " Y1-3 trials, sport and womens open class" nothing about biginner. I want to compeat in beginner but i dont know if it exists. pancho, somebody, let me know
yes if theres stock theres mod we dont wanna hurt anybodys feelings
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