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Colorado Expo Center Group Ride...

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This was about a month ago at the Colorado Expo Center, Kevin and Mike Snyder came down, and Mike Clark, Josh Carr and Myself were there as well.

(these are cross posted from BT.com, sorry about that but I needed a way to upload them)


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your forgot the handy-dandy observedtrials.net uploader?

You just enter them in the fields and click enter.(down below you can create more fields by entering a number and clicking reload if you have more than 5 pics to upload).

When it's done uploading it will take you to the next page and show you all of the pictures you uploaded and give you the
tags so you can just copy and paste. That way you can enter more pictures in a single post.

Crosslinking pictures to another site wastest their bandwidth and is usually not appreciated by the site admin, especially if they don't have much bandwidth alotted. So I don't have people from other sites using my uploader for their gain I don't allow linking on other sites (try it, you'll just get an observedtrials.net banner instead of the proper image). I think I'm going to make a tutorial for how to use the uploader. Look for it in the next few days.
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Is there a way to put that upload link on the " ...posting.php?mode=..." pages? or is it already there and I'm just a retard? I've used the uploader before and it was very easy. (I had saved it as a shortcut on my desktop, but lost it after I had gotten a few too many, "not enough memory" type messages.) A tutorial would not be a bad thing either.

post-9-04695-kevinsilouette.jpg <--- this is the pic that caught my eye. They all were very good, but that's my favorite one today. :bigthumb:
hahahahaa, that pic of mike at the end is so damn cool- rock on forever! :rofl:

pancho, very nice pics- some of those are cool and then the others are really really cool!
I didn't even know this site had an upload feature. Is there a link to it I missed, or did I just need to know the handy address? Either way, sorry about that.

Sweet tho, now I know.
Thanks Kev...

I'm going to start shooting a lot more photos, I'm going to be picking up a slide/negative scanner so I can finally shoot slide and get them on the computer for around $12 for a roll of 36.
who is in tha last pic?
Alex Markwhart? Something like that. Alexm
where is the colorado expo center, those rocks look like fun?
The Southern Colorado Expo center is located on Union just south of Constitution. But you probably don't know any of the streets here in Colorado Springs.

Keep your eyes peeled for a big name competition with some BIG name riders at this place next summer....
ah yes... alex markwart from the land of oz. i hear that he is quite good. :)
you hear nothing Elan - just what he tells you, and we hear no end of self flattery over here either.

- Joel
ahahaha..that is funny
Great pics pancho, looks like some very good grippy rocks...no moss tho :wtc:
There was no Thomas Moorequarts on that ride.
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