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Colorado crew.....

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Teresa has a class in Boulder April 17th,18th, and 19th. We're gonna try and plan our road trip back to Oregon to coincide with that.
Any yous guys gonna be around then? When is spring break out there?
When is the Croatia training trip?
Probably gonna stay with my boy Theo, and ride for three or four days straight, hopefully there will be enough dry ground to go up in the hills above Boulder or something. Holla back, Peace Seth.
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Spring break is before then. I'll be around, and look forward to seeing you again.

No worries, the Croatia trip is April 1-10 so we should all be back.
hell yeah i'll be around!
word seth, cant wait to do some more riding with you like old times (relative). i have a comp planned for that weekend.... i was thinking boulder canyon but the schedule i have laid out is way early plans.
sounds fun..seth?
Are there any comps around that time frame?
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