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CO trialsinners! attention!!

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keep all your awesome vids coming! seems like there's at least one new one a day, and i'm loving it :bigthumb: great quality riding as well :eek3: just saying keep up the good work and as always i can't wait to see more :bigthumb:
only thing i can say is uh...after watching co trials 6 and the fort collins 2...er... :ugh: i think i just creamed my pants
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guess this shoulda been in general discussion, somebody want to move it there?

thank you very much for the good words! peeps keep watchin the vids, we will keep makin' em!
colorado sucks, gatorade is better
I drink gatorade, AND live in colorado!! wow!

I've got 3 vids for 4 days of riding so far, lets see if I can keep it up...probably.
all you need is love... teh camera loves me... sweet... videos are sickn ess..i need soem "kodak" courage.. kodak is a registered trademark...
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