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CO Trials 9- the missing left sock

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Hey peeps-

get your piping fresh CO Trials 9 here:


thanks to matt for hosting as always. thanks to the riders for coming out on a beautiful denver day to ride (actually it sucked, it was freezing cold and snowed on and off the whoel time- we got a few minutes of sun peaking out at the beginning- then crap).

i managed to screw up some really great riding with frozen knuckles and sloppy editing. also tried something else with music this time. its a long one to compensate for the short little turds i put out recently. 9:21 long and about 45 mb.

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gotta be good at somthing...
Great footage considering the conditions! Again, I feel proud to be in it, even if I'm only an 'extra'! Hee hee... thanks for the entertainment! Its better than you think.
i think elan posts JUST to post...

nice vid
no brakes = :bowdown:

Good to see matt on a real frame, tell him to use his phone sometime...what is the second song?
Songs- 1- Artist: Biz Markie, Song: Just A Friend
Song 2 Artist: Butthole Surfers, Song: Ah Ha

yes, that brakeless poop was rediculous. thanks for the good words everyone!
cool video again :bigthumb: you CO guys have so much style its crazy :drool:
hey hey man! :))

I cant say enough!! i really like the cotrials videos :) :eek:wned: :bigthumb:
matt is good.
Yes he is. I had never seen him ride in person before Saturday... He's got some mad skillz.
i ahve never met him eiter... but he looks to be one of teh best aroundzzzz.....!
My oppinion about the best american riders:

1 Jeremy Vanschoonhoven
2 Bill Robinson

By the end of this season, that could be switched.

Haven't seen the video yet...
SERIOUSLY doubt that pancho....and it will never change.
He is not second.

He will never be better than jeremy.

He's definetely the best in colorado IMO, top 10 in US...
1 - 20 of 41 Posts
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