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CO Trials 8 now up

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Hey y'all

COTrials 8 is now done and ready for viewing pleasure. I made it last night (anyone who spells "night" this way: "nite" should be slapped) after working on a video project for about 4 hours for my video class at ecole (i think that's french for school- see you learn something new every day). it may suck but if you think that well too bad- you're a naysayer. this vid is short and drrrty like x-tina aguilera (get it? it's a pun- a bad one, email me if you need further explanation)

~24mb and 2:21 long.

get some here: http://www.cotrials.com

before some chump ass puts up a lazy link and takes traffic away from my killer ass site here it is: http://cotrials.com/COTrials8.wmv

please post opinions and comments and questions if you have some. btw- i know the music sucks.
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i know- i saw that right after i posted and got too lazy to fix it. but what can i say- i type like i take my sloppy joes... extra sloppy.
I thought it was a good vid kevin, I really like riding that place (except the drive kinda sucks). Robbie was just tearing it up.

People probably won't like the song (just a guess) but I liked it (no I'm not :greddy:).

Well put together anyhow, thanks for sharing :)

in response to the music- as much as i tried i just couldnt please everyone with music... but i figured i could try to piss everyone off! i was going to use some spice girls but i figured i would lose every one of my "fans" with an asshole stunt like that. i dont hate this song but i know people arent going to like it!

better music to come in the next couple of park/trials vids i make.
damn you people living in those warmer places, riding your bikes and such. Very nice video as usual. Keep them coming
defo another great video!! editing was good and riding was as well. only thing was for some reason it was vrey low quality video (you couldn't even see the spokes in the wheels for some reason). still good though!
you cant see the spokes because there arent any! we colorado types are testing out some crazy new shimano prototype wheels that stemmed out of their past projects- they are the new dura ace airlines wheels. they hold the rim in place around the hub with super powerful magnetic forces. only problem is that people with pacemakers cant use them and they can rip the fillings out of your teeth- other than that though the wheels are sick! :joshers: :joshers: :joshers: :joshers: :joshers:

i forgot to add- none of this footage was actually form the competition but all after comp riding. the real reason you cant see the spokes is because it was low lighting against brighter objects. in order to get the kind of clarity you are talking about the file size would be around at least 250mb or more for a two minute movie.

thanks for the good comments everyone!
noice :wiggle: haha, and that song wasnt too bad .
Heyhey I fucking like these CO trials videos fucking good :) good music and funny crashes (sorry :) )
matt, you like Alizee, so its hard to put you off on the music choice... haha
Why does it say "file is corrupt" and won't let me down load?
I got the F.C. videos, but Co 7 and 8 won't work? didn't have this problem with the previous CO videos.
nice video kevin! question, if you know the song sucks why use it? haha jk man nice job. man who was that idiot that crashed at the end??

:eek3: :eek: :cool: :bigthumb: :joshers: :down: :slap: :rolleyes: :ugh: :ugh2: :Wavey: :werd: :? :yum: :D :D :D :D :rolleyes: :rofl: :bigthumb: :cool: :joshers: :joshers: :eek3: :eek: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
that is abuse
woah..taht is a bad ass black XTP in that vid, who's is taht be?
Sethbomb said:
Why does it say "file is corrupt" and won't let me down load?
I got the F.C. videos, but Co 7 and 8 won't work? didn't have this problem with the previous CO videos.
i just reloaded it onto the site- try again if you can. i have no idea why it wont work for you but then again i dont know poop about poop when it comes to this sort of thing.

i think that guy with the special edition black xtp is some mountain folk type guy. i hear he has to venture out in the bright lights of the big city to buy books or something :D
I finally saw it, and I liked it a lot. Nice simple editing and lots of cool moves. Thanks again,
Awesome video, just like the rest of the white raven films are! Keep up the good work...
I think the music was kinda cool. Nice job again Kevin!
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