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Directions: (these are a bit tricky, but Kevin made it, so it shouldn't be a problem for the rest of you...)

South on I-25 to the southside of Colorado Springs, exit is 135 (South Academy, NOT North Academy).

Exit onto South Academy (Hwy 83) heading left (Northbound away from the mountains).

Take the first real right (Hartford) and then you'll come to a T intersection, and take a left.

You'll come to another T intersection, and take a right.

Again, you'll come to a T intersection, and again take a right.

And for the 4th time, a T intersection, but take a left this time.

Go straight into a construction area and you'll see a bunch of boulders to the left.

The directions sound hard, but basicly you go left on academy, take the first right, then you go to 4 T intersection, and go left/right/right/left and you're there. Call my cell phone if you have trouble 719 963 4072.
THIS is the ride, don't go to horsetooth, nobody will be there.

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Is anyone from Fort Collins going who has an extra place for a bike and person?

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WhiteRavenKS said:
im there- dolphin still need a ride? 11:30-noon-ish. hope my wrist holds up.
yeah, i guess. IM me. I will probably ride, but i don't think my wheel is going to last much longer. I think i will have to use your px for tomorrow too, but i have money for the other one.
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