CO Springs Comp 5/29/04

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    All right, so I want to at least hear a little bit about it. I'm not happy I couldn't make it, but thats life I guess :\.

    How was the turn out? I heard a lot of people didn't ride because the Devil was there assessing charges? And by the Devil I mean NORBA.

    I'm guessing a lot of people met people they've never met before, or at least Vincent ;). Everyone got along OK, or was it pretty cliquey?

    Sections were good? I heard Jeremy got a ~30 or something crazy like that, so I'm pretty sure they were set up well, but what did you guys think of them?

    Who's got footage they need hosted? bahahhaa, had to throw this one in... I want to see my boys from back home tear these sections up.

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    The Comp was alot of fun and really hard work to put togeather. The sections were pretty hard for pro. I would like to thank pancho for organizing this comp he worked extremely hard to see that everyone had a good time. The cost was kind of shitty but I had nothing to do with that. I got my ass kicked by ed gildea, he's good. Thanks to everyone that came down. Oh yeah I almost forgot, vincent is god!

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    I heard some people don't know how to add numbers?
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    math is hard man, cut some slack... 5 + 5 = eleventy blue
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    0 ten year old son won Beginner class, by default after they split the classes up. He competed against two 15 year olds on Unicycles, he would have placed second - but they put him in his own Youth Class.



    We had a lot of fun at the event...a great first comp. experience for my boy. He was certainly "wowed" by all the trials specific bikes and the crazy talent of the "big boys". Now I'll be shopping for a trials specific bike for him soon!
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    Comp was really good. Well organized and challenging. Ive never competed at a comp before, and the sport sections destroyed me. 5ed almost everything. Pro sections were jaw droppingly difficult, and vincent destroyed them.

    I got some good pictures of the pro section, and some of the riders riding them. When i say good, i dont mean they came out well, cuz they didnt.

    I will upload them later tonight.
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    The comp operated very smoothly on Saturday (the only day I attended). Vincent smashed everyone's head in, might as well repost the pic from American History X again. All the vids released so far, as usual, dont convey the pimptastic skills he has. Just try to notice how tall everything is compared to his height and imagine standing next to it yourself. It's hilarious when he decides to jack around too, funny guy, had no problem fitting in with everyone there. But at the same time, he's a real serious competitor. Out of everyone who competed in pro I would notice how serious he looked yet others looked kind of worried or having to really think about how theyre going to approach a section. Of course, that could be my screwed up perception because I already thought of him as a better rider going into the comp.

    Jeremy V. was real nice in person, like I thought he would be. He competed real well early on in the comp, but seemed to have more and more trouble as the day went on. I saw him bail to both feet and 5 more times than I thought he would. But the sections definitely were hard for US riders.

    Bill Robinson impressed me the most as a rider. I knew he was good already, but the after comp riding he did was crazy. When everyone else seemed kind of tired or had to go he still hit everything outside first try almost everytime. Ryder was also pretty awesome, real flashy rider, could pull some sweet tricks, but had a hard time in a lot of the sections. Kevin had a great crash in a section, but after the comp Ryder had a crash that rivaled Kev's loop out. Ryder pretty much landed on his head after slamming and bending his back on a rock falling from ~6ft up on a spool, all he did was smile.

    And what the heck, Tony Fernandez was pretty awesome for being his size. Between Mike's height and Tony's size, all of us have hope to ride at that level someday. No one has much on an excuse as to why they cant be a great rider after seeing their size.

    Um, something that sticks out in my head the most is the awards time. No one seemed to take the hint that the boards on the podium werent nailed down. Yet everyone would get up there and stand on the upper edge of them and flip off. Not really worth mentioning, but I thought it was kind of strange.

    Yeah, meeting most of the CO guys on comp day was pretty awesome. Wish I had the chance to ride with them more that night or even have some type of universal meeting spot to drink/chill that night, but everything is so spread out up there, really an eye opener as to how much you all have to drive to meet in one spot. It seemed like everyone got along. I think Stephen added to his reputation a bit, but that's another story.

    I dont know if we can all complain about the price as much as we can complain about the late release of the price. If I had known it was going to be $50 I could have planned for it, just as the expert riders I know who didnt compete, if they had known it was $85 they could have planned for it. That's my constructive criticism of the comp, release the prices early, not day of. Im really not complaining about the comp, Pancho contributed a lot to the sport that day, it was all a great experience.

    I have ~700 photos to sort through sometime in the next few days. Mostly from group rides, but a good number of nice shots from the comp too.

    Ill be back in Denver around August 9th and will have a day or two to ride if anyone is willing to put up with my dorkiness then. Id like to see more of the Canyon, if all the spots arent under water.
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    Hopefully more people had their eyes opened....I don't have a personal beef with him for no reason after all ;)
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    Aaron opened my eyes, on CO campus:


    :eek: - Deserves XTP for free. :p
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