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CO ride this weekend? October 4th and 5th

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Anyone up for ride? I will be in Boulder on Saurday, Ft. Collins on Sunday. Anyone up for a group ride?
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I'll ride Saturday :) gimme a call, same old number. Post here if you lost it, otherwise I'll just wait for your call.
I might have to make an appearance on saturday with my new woodman
THANK YOU MATT!!! regional forum!!! finally

i don't have anyones number... i have an appointment at Flatirons Subaru at 10:15 and should be there till 12:00-12:30. you guys wanna meet at Half Fast?
Sure thing, my number is 303-817-4732
We're going to meet at half-fast on the hill between 12 and 12:30. Anyone that wants to come is encouraged to show up.
It was a good ride today. Dolphin left at around 5:00, right around the time that Tyler showed up. Theo, Dave, Tyler and myself rode til about 6:30 then went and had some half-fast since we didn't have any before we started riding, then headed home. I'm beat, Vedauwoo tomorrow is gonna kick my ass :bigthumb:


Forgot I broke my damn magura today :eek3:. Just the line, but I'm gonna post a new thread with pics in general discussion. Had to go home and shorten the line and rebleed, finally got riding again after about ½ hour.



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